Basic Course: "Personal Growth - Improving the World"

This course reveals the principles of personal growth and improvement the world, their relationship, as well as the details of the structure and development of our CTW-Initiative project - building the CTW-Ecosystem

Universal Foundation of our life

Improving Your Own Life - Improving the World

Level 1 of CTW-Ecosystem, details and principles for successful development

Course Speaker

Rost Zemlinsky

Founder and Leader of CTW-Initiative

The author of a comprehensive investment and educational project CTW-Initiative; author and course speaker: “Personal Growth – Improving Our World”;
The author of a comprehensive educational program “SocioCultural Growth of Individual and Society”.

Business-Systems Analyst by education and profession. M.S. Computer Science. Project-Manager. Business consultant.

Coach, speaker, thinker, blogger and expert in socio-cultural and spiritual development. More than 20 years of deep comprehension of the meaning and structure of the Universe and the purpose of our life in it. The result of this is the CTW-Initiative.
The basic course reveals the history of the emergence of this Project, Illumination, which gave clarity, confidence and energy.

Topics of the Course


Free webinar/Seminar about:
1. CTW: Initiative, Ecosystem, Foundation, Production, Society.

2. What does it give you.

3. About content of the basic course “Personal Growth – Improving the World”

1. Foundation. Base. Beginning.

Why and how our World was Created.
Why is it arranged in such way.
Why do I live here.
What is the ultimate goal and meaning of life.

Without a clearly built foundation, everything else in life turns into scraps and incoherent fragments.

2. Main Areas of Life

Relationship; Family; Personal LIfe; Prosperity; Health; Professional activity.

Where is your pain in life? How are we going to reduce and eliminate it.

3. Immersion

Family; Health; Prosperity; Profession; Personal life; Relationships.

Workshop: We select one topic and work through one example from life – our approach.

4. Further Developments.

CTW-Ecosystem – creating your own ecosystem for personal development. We are building a fair and active community. Personal participation and ways of your further movement.

5. The First Approach to Universal Formula

How to live happily, prosper and not get sick…
Together we build our own model of a happy, healthy and prosperous life …

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Anna Romanov
Anna RomanovKazan, Russia
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The knowledge I received from Rost turned out to be an motivation for me to understand how everything in life works. I realized that material things are directly connected to spiritual realm, and if we are cut off from one, we are cut off from everything and blindly follow ghostlike hopes when the answer is near. The course "Personal Growth - Improving Our World" will help you understand what is really important and how to change the world and own life for the better.
Timofey Voronin
Timofey VoroninNovosibirsk, Russia
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I have been working and communicating with Rost for more than a year, and I can say that he is a reliable person with whom it is pleasant to deal with. I believe that the main thing in any matter is a person: it is not a medicine that cures, but a doctor. The surest way to grow yourself is to surround yourself with people who have something to learn. Rost is one of those people. It is good that he open himself and gives, in a good sense, to use himself, shares his views, knowledge and experience.
Natalia Vichtinsky
Natalia Vichtinsky Sankt-Petersburg, Russia
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Rost does not impose his opinion, but concentrates on questions. Why is everything Created? What is the purpose and meaning? Why sufferings exist? Why good deeds are so beneficial... It's very valuable to find the answer! With the help of Rost and his courses this happens easily and naturally. Both, the idea and the project itself, as well as the course, blog, group, forum and personal communication with the author gives energy to comprehend the processes of the spiritual world that affect our material and own life.
Sergey Markelov
Sergey MarkelovDnepr, Ukraine
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I know Rost for many years not only as a talented developer of trading systems, but also as a leader of the CTW-Initiative project. I believe that this is one of the unique initiatives, more than ever necessary in our world. Especially valuable is the author's course "Personal Growth" - this is just an exceptional phenomenon. I think that the topics of the course are very useful especially for young people who are faced with an endless series of everyday problems.
Nadejda Naumova
Nadejda NaumovaJerusalem, Israel
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As far as I can remember, I was always interested in questions related to the search for the causes and meanings of actions, relationships, the search for authenticity, as psychologists say. Perhaps that is why there was a meeting with Rost in a difficult period of my life, when I especially needed an intelligent, wise person to talk with. Thanks to his support, I went through a crisis situation, one can say, not only without loss, but also gaining new experience. Thank you, Rost!
Alexander Sushkov
Alexander SushkovPrague, Czech Republic
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The world has become accustomed to the separation of material and moral, ordinary and spiritual life, although it demands a person to build his behavior in accordance with moral values. Nobody objects this, but in reality, it does not work very well. Rost is my friend, I understand why he raised these issues. I am sure that the Initiative and the course of personal development for everyone can become an event and a point in time of self-reflection and the world around.

Everyone who takes the course, automatically becomes a member of our community CTW-Society and receives:

Level 2. Partner Level of CTW-Society

e-book of the project author:
«I am Changing World»

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