1. Change The World Initiative

Enabling a Brighter Future: A Global Socio-Cultural Education and Investment Initiative

The CTW Initiative comprises a global team of passionate individuals committed to fostering positive transformation by integrating investment with socio-culturally oriented education. This initiative introduces innovative models of education and commerce through the CTW Ecosystem — an independent, self-sustaining infrastructure resembling a virtual society, equipped with educational hubs and a contemporary, community-driven economy. The success of the CTW Ecosystem hinges on its independence, decentralization, and profitability, ensuring benefits for all participants involved. 

Success of the CTW-Initiative is based on three pillars:

Universal Necessity. Enabling Personal Growth and Global Progress for All. The importance of enhanced access to constructive skill development and societal improvement is particularly evident in regions facing greater challenges. The CTW Initiative is dedicated to cultivating robust connections and fostering healthy relationships among individuals worldwide.

Enhancing Individual Lives. The CTW Initiative’s Focus on Elevating Five Key Dimensions of Wellbeing Through Healthy Relationships:

  • Family
  • Health
  • Prosperity
  • Personal Life
  • Professional Fulfillment and Satisfaction

The CTW-Initiative is dedicated to improving these aspects of wellbeing, recognizing their direct correlation with cultivating healthy relationships among individuals.

Benefits. The CTW-Ecosystem is designed to ensure that active participation benefits all involved parties:

  • Investors and Entrepreneurs: Opportunity to engage in a scalable, profitable, and stable enterprise that ensures growth.

  • Idealists: Chance to contribute to self-development and global betterment, finding satisfaction in their involvement in this socially impactful initiative.

  • Teachers: Directly influence sociocultural development, gaining professional growth through our CTW-Education and CTW-Instructor programs.

  • Elders: Critical in sharing wisdom and life experience, gaining recognition and rewards as a token of gratitude and respect.

  • Youth: Drive the CTW-Initiative forward, seeking answers about life purpose, connection, friendships, and happiness within a supportive network.

  • Impact Investors: Recognize the social and business benefits, acknowledging the initiative’s scale, integrity, potency, and profitability, aligning profit with purpose.

  • Creative Individuals: Access an extensive field of opportunities within the CTW Ecosystem, showcasing the potential to earn substantial rewards through active engagement.

  • Parents: Witness the effectiveness of the initiative, ensuring their child is part of a supportive system fostering personal and societal improvement.

  • Devotees: Dedicate themselves to providing essential attention and specialized support in private schools, nurturing new talent and ensuring physical and behavioral well-being.

Right Hand – Strength – Financing – Capital Flow – Red
Left – Community – Millions of Members/Supporters – Blue
Center – Balance – Team, leading to success – Green
R + G + B = ?

CTW-Initiative: Creating and Nurturing the CTW-Ecosystem

The foundational elements in the CTW-Initiative are found within the course “Personal Growth – Improving the World”, which can be broken into the following provisions:  

The Purpose of the Creation

  • What precisely was Created
  • Why this Material World within our Universe 
  • The Structure of the Universe itself 

The meaning of human life on Earth

  • The meaning of human life within Creation
  • The Ultimate Common Purpose
  • The purpose and mission of a person in life

Human being and Soul

  • What is being Human
  • Soul Structure – how it works
  • What does a person want to receive in life
  • Ways to achieve this

Relationships between people

  • The structure of interactions between people
  • The meaning, the goal, and the way
  • The ultimate Energy – why I need it and what should I do to get it

About CTW-Initiative and building an CTW-Ecosystem together

  • Vision and Mission
  • Structure
  • Resources
  • What is achievable in the CTW-Ecosystem
  • How to be healthy, happy and wealthy
  • How we actually change our world together

Answering the hard questions about how to find individual purpose within a larger family structure. 

Relationships in the family

  • Love and understanding
  • Who are you changing so hard
  • Having the right to go left – to go or not to go


Children and parents

  • Why are children like that?
  • Why do we struggle with each other? 
  • Why was I born?
  • What does it mean if I can’t have children? 

How to achieve happiness in the Family

Family and Education

Balancing mental and physical health within yourself and within the CTW-Ecosystem.


Attitude toward your body

  • The value of a healthy body

The structure of man
The ultimate cause of illness
How to eliminate the causes of disease

  • Healthcare
  • Emotional health
  • Intellectual state
  • Spirituality

How to be healthy, happy and prosperous
Public Health Control

  • Monitoring media coverage
  • Medical Ethics Commission

The CTW-Ecosystem and better health

  • Will
  • Understanding
  • Good feeling
  • “Center of Harmony” and special health centers

Health and education

  • Prevention
  • Doctor – Becoming a CTW-Doctor

– Finding purpose as a CTW-Doctor
– Special program to prepare


  • Health and positive changes: healthcare reform

Achieving true happiness with yourself and others through personal growth.


Soulmates and how to find yours

What if he/she/they are not your other half?

  • Alternative solutions
  • Finding solutions without destroying karma

Loneliness – What drives it? What to do with it?

What does the CTW-Ecosystem provide to improve the personal life of members within our community?

How to be happy, healthy, and prosperous.

Personal Life and Education


  • Love and sexual interaction

How to achieve financial independence in the CTW-Ecosystem and in the world at large.


What is essential for success and prosperity?

What is the main purpose of any joint endeavor (i.e. a company)?

Business and success

Investors and Investment Activities

What does the CTW-Ecosystem provide for the prosperity of members of the community?

  • See and learn examples in life
  • Take a look at the options to prosper – both pros and cons
  • Finding personal preference
  • Making money together in CTW-Production through open and honest communication


How to be both prosperous and happy

Prosperity and Education

Finding value and purpose in career development and professional activities.


How to find your profession – what do you want to do in life?

What are the main components of satisfaction?

What does the CTW-Ecosystem provide for professional development and satisfaction?

Professional development and education.

Finding success and personal well-being as a teacher within the CTW-Ecosystem.


Teachers: how to become a CTW-Instructor

  • All four levels of growth in CTW-Society


Starting Course “Personal Growth – Improving the World”

Educational program “Socio-Cultural Development of Individual and Society”

  • Mastering and building your own program
  • Graduating to become a Master of Socio-Cultural Development


How the CTW-Instructor fits within the CTW-Ecosystem


  • CTW-Instructors are a priority of the CTW-Ecosystem
  • Full Community Support
  • Support from CTW-Foundation

Join us!

The CTW-Initiative offers a compelling opportunity.

Together, we can make a difference in the world.


“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do” – Steve Jobs

On the Development of Free Human Philosophical Thought

The history of philosophical thought, liberated from the Creator, is being analyzed. The logical progression and outcome result in our modern civilization. More details on the Laws of Spiritual Dynamics and attempt to construct a ‘Society of the Future’.

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