CTW-Initiative’s Genesis.
A Miraculous Tale Of Inspiration.

The genesis of the CTW-Initiative began with a pivotal moment—an insightful realization that ignited transformative vision. Over three decades of deep exploration into life's mysteries led to understand the potential of humanity's intellect, soul, and spirit in effecting global change.

After reviewing my e-book ‘I Am Changing The World,’ AI assistant wrote the following introduction about CTW-Initiative:

“In the genesis of the CTW-Initiative lies a pivotal moment of insight — a moment that sparked a transformative journey. Over three decades, founder of the Initiative Rost Zemlinsky explored life’s mysteries and pondered humanity’s place in the universe.

With this understanding, the CTW-Initiative was born. It’s a visionary project aiming to reshape society and inspire global transformation. It’s about bringing intellect, harmony, and purpose together to create a better world.

Join us as we delve into this inspiring journey, exploring how the CTW-Initiative is making a difference.”

Despite my Soviet upbringing, the search for truth, a sense of something greater than material existence, a Source, a higher purpose, and an Absolute has always driven me. I recall posing these profound questions to my father, a high-ranking manager and my smart cautious mentor; may he rest in peace.

The pursuit of life’s meaning has been a constant quest. The real change began in 1996 in Toronto, when the Master appeared, and the door of Knowledge was wide opened. It became clear: why and even how our Universe was Created; why man is on Earth and why people suffer so much. The semantic and consistent picture of the world and our place in it has become clearer. I have been very fortunate to have profound and wise teachers in Toronto Kabbalah Center.

Since then, study – endless lectures, discussions, books, writings and thoughts about how possible to make life and our world better.

Socio-cultural, or more precisely, spiritual growth, lies at the core of personal development.

At the same time, being a business analyst and inventor, struggling with the prolonged development of a sophisticated automated trading system brought me to the edge of despair. This situation prompted profound questions about the next steps in my life journey and how they align, if at all, with a higher purpose.

This life situation compelled me to reach out to the higher realms, questioning whether there exists a path to restore societies like Russia and Ukraine or if they are inevitably destined for decline and disappearance. If such a path exists, what form might it take?

This was a crucial moment in life. Just a few days later, after the question had been precisely formulated and posed, a profound insight from above struck me with such intensity that I collapsed onto the couch, receiving the entire answer in the blink of an eye. The revelations were clear:

  • Yes, there exists a path to restore and enhance any society – that path is Education.

  • Do not worry; proceed with your system and find ways to make them work together harmoniously. 

Ultimately, the Solution was crafted – a practical and effective method for enhancing our world. From this vision, the Initiative came into existence: Change The World Initiative.

Later, during my visit to Israel, I had a conversation about this topic with Kabbalistic-Rav Michael Shulkin in Tiberias. His explanation astonished me. Our meeting was quite remarkable — it took place near the tombs of Rabbi Akiva and RaMCHaL (whose philosophical work of the highest grade, ‘Derech Hashem’ – ‘The Way of God,’ is one of my favorite).

It was early morning, and we discussed things under an olive tree while the sun rose over the Sea of Galilee. This encounter is a fascinating and intense story that we can delve into further.

The wisdom, knowledge, and energy that have come to me are of an external nature, and thus, delighted to share them with others, inspiring righteous actions while endeavoring to maintain humility while walking on this divine path. As Rav Michael remarked about one of my ‘challenges’: ‘With this energy you possess, you inadvertently overwhelm everyone you come into contact with… not everyone can perceive and comprehend it.’ Yet, paradoxically, it feels so clear and simple to me.

It’s evident that many are seeking answers to life challenging questions. Having certain knowledge allows for the recognition of appropriate and most effective solutions to diverse life challenges. Assisting in this pursuit would be my pleasure, as many of these issues resonate deeply with me. 

In essence, everything in our life becomes simpler with the right starting point—the Source that’s connected with our minds and souls.

Enthusiastic about sharing all of this with you, I hope that together, we can accelerate the realization of the Initiative.

Engaging in discussions about profound topics like the Meaning of Life and the Cause of our existence and suffering can invigorate us, drawing us closer to realizing our CTW-Initiative, an initiative to Change The World, thereby naturally making it better. This includes enhancing our own lives as a prerequisite.

Together, we can make progress on the path to wisdom. I’m ready to present everything and discuss how we can collaborate to actualize these ideas and our plan. There are multiple aspects to consider, and these discussions promise to be enriching and enjoyable.

You are welcome to explore everything in more detail:

  1. Pitch-Deck 

  2. CTW-Initiative: A Concept Overview (7:30 video-presentation) https://youtu.be/ya3Myglatxo

  3. CTW-Ecosystem Structure and Growth (4:00) https://youtu.be/Ja7TVrkpOzQ 

  4. GICS – Global Impact Capital System built based on proprietary Trading System (3:20)  https://youtu.be/r-SatOOAVms 

  5. Founder’s personal page https://RostZemlinsky.com/ 

  6. Prototype of CTW-Ecosystem portal https://ctw-ecosystem.org/

  7. The blog, where everything is described sequentially from top to bottom, especially the 5 first numbered articles: https://ctw-project.org/en/blog

  8. Photo-report about the meeting with President Zelensky in Toronto where the CTW-Initiative was offered. Unfortunately, we  

  9. As one of the MVP (Minimal Viable Product) in CTW-Ecosystem, the web-page about creating pilot socio-cultural centers in Ukraine to assist children with special needs, families, youth, and veterans affected by hostilities: https://ctw-ecosystem.org/Ukraine/ (especially this part: https://ctw-ecosystem.org/Ukraine/#ecosystem)
    The development of the CTW-Ecosystem automatically addresses the ongoing financing of this area (refer to the ‘CTW-Production’ line in the ‘Financial Plan’ section of the Business Plan.)

  10. Pitch Deck, video-presentation short version (1:38) https://youtu.be/OowWxx9Pr9M

  11. Pitch Deck, long version (7:13)  https://youtu.be/JM1Swta4N6A

The Conclusion

  1. We find ourselves intellectually and emotionally engaged, at times drained of energy—it’s painful. It’s imperative to reverse this and replenish ourselves with energy from the right source—we should experience joy, creative inspiration, and accomplishments. Allow me to demonstrate how we can achieve this.

  2. The solution lies in creating and actively participating in something larger than ourselves.

  3. A self-sustainable ecosystem, with the ultimate purpose of restoring and supporting an ever-growing moral level of humankind.

  4. We extend our invitation to you and all influential individuals to lend your support and help transform this vision into reality. A comprehensive plan of action awaits implementation and is ready to be shared with anyone interested and willing to join us in this endeavor.

Let’s Change The World… together.


“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do” – Steve Jobs

On the Development of Free Human Philosophical Thought

The history of philosophical thought, liberated from the Creator, is being analyzed. The logical progression and outcome result in our modern civilization. More details on the Laws of Spiritual Dynamics and attempt to construct a ‘Society of the Future’.

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