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Dear like-minded partners,

We all aspire to see a better world, one where our children can thrive beyond our own experiences. However, the challenge lies in translating this desire into reality. Despite the universal yearning for progress, achieving tangible improvements remains a formidable task for individuals and societies alike.

Rost Zemlinsky - CTW-Initiative founder

As Douglas Adams noted in his novel “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” – “This planet has a problem, which is this: most of the people living on it are unhappy for pretty much all of the time”.

So, what’s the issue in our lives? Why is it tough to find happiness, and why do success and prosperity always seem far away? No matter what we do, the changes we make, or the leaders we choose, things just don’t get better. 

Turning our attention to Ukraine: as of 2019, 28 years have passed since the collapse of the Soviet Union, and Ukraine finds itself with a happiness ranking that disappointingly sits at 138th place.

Ukraine is taken here as an example, as it declared its desire for progressive reforms and its intention to reach the level of prosperous European countries.

In the last 5 years since 2014,124 reforms have been announced and probably launched (the funds for their development were definitely spent). Should these reforms have already been to improve society, the country, the economy, medicine, education and everything else? Should the people living in the country see positive changes and feel optimistic looking into the future?

Shouldn’t our country be growing and improving like Poland, for example? But no, happiness is on 138th place; the absence of the corruption is on 120th, and the ease of doing business is on 71st…

After the notable events of 2014 in Ukraine (Maidan), there was a burst of activity and optimism. I remember watching a talk show where a man proudly showcased a massive achievement – they had written a 700-page tax reform. Yes, 700 pages! I can’t help but wonder about the time, people, effort, and money invested in this. Was anyone held accountable for the final outcome?

Over these 5 years, we’ve witnessed numerous intelligent and knowledgeable individuals – scientists, military personnel, patriots, journalists, nationalists, politicians, and public figures – all offering their insights. It seems like everyone has a clear understanding of what needs to be done.

At times, we find ourselves hoping that by choosing a capable and worthy person as a leader or president, everything will miraculously start improving on its own. We crave that kind of miracle – a genuinely good leader coming to power and somehow lifting us out of the difficulties (a bit like Baron Munchausen).

Now, after 5 years of all these “reforms,” we’re hearing a strong statement: “Why save Ukraine’s body when corruption is eating its soul?” It’s a tough and maybe even a hopeless cynical statement. But this calls for a serious discussion because the core issue remains, and we need to figure out how to fix it.

Delving into a comprehensive discussion and historical analysis of why these challenges persist is indeed a lengthy and complex conversation. We can certainly continue that discussion at a later time.

For now, let’s operate under the assumption that we intuitively understand the true problem and shift our focus towards exploring proposed solution.


What could prevent me from stealing, cheating, and getting involved in bribery? Two things: fear and conscience, right? Fear of getting caught and facing punishment or losing more than I gain from doing something illegal. This means we need effective supervision and punishment systems. But here’s a big question! Who should be in charge of these systems? What type of judges, prosecutors, and police do we need for this?

The clear answer is individuals with a strong conscience. We need people with a strong sense of right and wrong.

But where do we find these people? Do they live on the Moon or Mars? Or are we assuming that most of us are naturally good, like saints, and that you can always find honest folks among millions of people?

If that’s not the case, then is it sufficient to just put cameras everywhere, digitize everything, implant chips in our brains, activate AI, make lots of rules, and create many good laws (like the 700-page example)? Will that fix everything? Is it that simple?

Let’s take a closer look at this element: Consciousness. What exactly is this, and where does it come from?

It develops during early childhood and continues to take shape within the educational system, progressing further through the entire life.

Indeed, the concept and a profound solution to the call for consciousness can be achieved by altering the essence and purpose of education. It involves a shift in the educational paradigm towards emphasizing morality, ethics, and human values. This marks a transition towards the socio-cultural development of individuals.

Certainly, enhancing the tax system and creating favorable economic conditions for business and entrepreneurship are important. Exploring space and addressing other crucial matters are intriguing as well.

However, without elevating the level of morality, fostering an understanding of it’s nature, and promoting acceptance of moral values, without improving trust and encourage positive relationships among people in society, no reforms – whether systemic, economic, political, technological, judicial, or otherwise – will succeed in any society on our planet. 

This is a global necessity for humanity that should be addressed urgently! Otherwise, an unpleasant outcome has long been predicted, and one doesn’t need to be a prophet to see that this END is approaching.

Now, let’s explore how we can enhance our individual lives and contribute to the betterment of society while improving our overall well-being. This is precisely the focus of the CTW-Initiative.

The improvement of the world and our society is achievable solely through personal development and the enhancement of human morality. Two avenues can steer this process and attain this state: the first is through families—parenting within the family, and the second is public, through education and culture.

Given that the positive impact of families in today’s society is often limited—due to factors such as parental capability, busy schedules, or both—the most substantial effect can be realized through education.

Teacher Will Win War

– Otto von Bismarck

Our future seems to be hanging in the balance, subject to chance, with our only hope resting on the so-called ‘education system.’ 

In this context, the primary focal point in the Initiative is the acting professional – the Teacher. The Teacher takes center stage in our efforts to bring about positive change.

Introducing the CTW-Initiative, designed to assist us in several crucial aspects:

Global Goal

Our primary objective is to enhance the world – every facet of an individual’s life on Earth, with a special focus on ourselves, the members of the Community.

Need and Scalability

The initiative is geared towards bringing about positive changes in society, making it relevant and beneficial for any country across the globe. This reflects its necessity and universality.

Activity and Action

CTW-Initiative is committed to turning reforms and progressive aspirations from mere proclamations into tangible implementations. It emphasizes activity and action.

Means and Tools

This initiative serves as a means and tools for us to channel significant financial resources—the energy of the material world—ensuring the effective realization of the initiative itself.

Envisioning the Impact:
Scale and Potential of the CTW-Initiative

Imagine five years into the CTW-Initiative journey. We’ve achieved significant milestones, with 10 million community members proficient in English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and other languages. The CTW-Ecosystem is in place, boasting a capitalization of $150 billion. Our monthly total profit reaches $1.5 billion, with $350 million allocated for supporting the CTW-Ecosystem and Teachers worldwide.

Now, at this level of influence, can we collectively reshape or significantly impact the fundamental nature and approach to education? Could we extend this influence to specific regions or educational institutions? Is it feasible to construct a scalable model to present to the international community? This represents the global ambition of the CTW-Initiative — the development of a comprehensive CTW-Ecosystem.

CTW-Initiative is about to building a Self-Sustaining Socio-Cultural Ecosystem for  Fostering a New Educational Paradigm with Human Values and Happiness at its Core

CTW-Ecosystem: A Conceptual Overview

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Proposed Structure of CTW-Ecosystem

CTW-Society: A dynamic global community united by the shared vision of creating a better world and enhancing the quality of life for all its members.

CTW-Foundation: A non-profit organization dedicated to providing financial support for the Ecosystem’s mission and Community activities.

CTW-Production: A hub for fostering innovation in educational products and offering support for projects focused on socio-cultural growth.

CTW-Education: The foundation of invaluable knowledge on human values and happiness. CTW-Education, in conjunction with the Foundation, creates a supportive environment for teachers – CTW-Instructors, empowering them to make a profound impact in shaping a brighter future.

CTW-Crowdfunding: Launching a Global CrowdFunding (GCF) campaign to expedite the setup and financial robustness of the CTW-Ecosystem, empowering it to achieve complete self-sufficiency. We’ve already begun this journey together, and your participation is significant.

We are building Ecosystem together with you and for you:

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The revised sentence, “Upon completing and advancing in this educational program, individuals willingly and consciously transform their perspectives and behaviors in a positive direction.
Participants will:

  • Embrace a peaceful and kind attitude towards others instead of choosing aggression.

  • Prioritize respect for others and their opinions, fostering a culture of understanding.

  • Cultivate the ability to maintain a positive state of mind.

  • Shift from destructive habits and complaining about one’s own life to actively caring for the well-being of others.

  • Strive to create and enjoy an atmosphere of good nature around them.

  • Easily differentiate between positive and negative influences.

Above all, individuals will gain a profound understanding of why these changes contribute significantly to their own well-being, thus increasing the level of fulfillment and happiness in life.

The real problem in today’s world is not in political or economic spheres. The main problem is essentially moral.

— Rabbi Elie Munk

I believe this is the only way and a crucial step for making actual improvements in society. No matter the plans for reforms, they won’t succeed unless we tackle the problem of personal socio-cultural development and lifting moral standards in society. It’s important for each of us and for society to understand the reasons behind this.


We extend an invitation to partners who share our mindset, are interested, and can be fully engaged participants in our collaborative initiative.

We will collaborate as partners in the following areas:


Building a team and a community of like-minded individuals, fostering collaboration on this multifaceted, powerful, yet fascinating and creative initiative.


Introducing and advancing the educational program “Socio-Cultural Development” for individual educators and initiating pilot projects within specific educational institutions.


Establishing a non-profit fund and bolstering its resources to provide support for the Initiative.


Attracting investors: load the Global Impact Capital System – GICS with substantial capital, establishing investment funds, and allocating profits to support our CTW-Initiative and the functioning of the CTW-Ecosystem.


Engaging resources from global international funds interested in profitable and socially impactful projects.


Expanding the Ecosystem’s reach in regional centers.


Operating at a multi-billion dollar and international level:

  • The Initiative, with its global impact, is aptly named the CTW-Initiative and Global Impact Capital System.

  • The Global Impact Investing Network comprises major investment banks, asset management companies, and funds, united by the idea of investing in financially viable and socially significant projects, including educational endeavors, aligning with our Initiative.

  • The CTW-Foundation is envisioned to evolve into an international non-profit fund dedicated to supporting the educational and investment goals of the CTW-Initiative.

  • Drawing in millions participants driven by a high-level idea and personal benefits simultaneously.

  • Embracing mass participation:  

Positive feedback accelerates development of the Ecosystem

Join Us. Be Our Partner.
Let’s Change the World… Together!.


“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do” – Steve Jobs

On the Development of Free Human Philosophical Thought

The history of philosophical thought, liberated from the Creator, is being analyzed. The logical progression and outcome result in our modern civilization. More details on the Laws of Spiritual Dynamics and attempt to construct a ‘Society of the Future’.

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