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Meeting in Fabric Space

20 August 2021

Rost Zemlinsky
(Toronto, Canada)
Founder of the unique

CTW - Change The World Initiative

Topic: Let’s Make Our World Better Together

We invite: students, active youth, educators, teachers, professors, anyone interested in the topic of making a difference in our lives and our world. All that is needed to get started is your open heart and desire.

Free Admission. Please register.


Rewards and Benefits. The Way of Growth in CTW-Ecosystem.

New part about growth, rewards and benefits is developed and uploaded to the portal. Please take a close look. 


Canada-Ukraine business-summit

On July 3, as part of the Toronto Economic Business Forum, the leader of the CTW-Initiative project, Rost Zemlinsky, met with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, passed on materials about the Initiative and spoke about the prospects of it’s development in and for Ukraine.

In addition, the event was attended by many representatives of the Canadian-Ukrainian business community, the Ukrainian diaspora and people from the sphere of Canadian-Ukrainian relations. During the business summit many contacts and discussions were conducted with leaders of the financial and commercial structures of Canada and Ukraine.

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Personal site of the author and leader of CTW-Initiative Rost Zemlinsky is up and running.


'We are launching a global initiative CTW-Initiative'

CTW-Initiative – a global investment and education project aimed at changing the educational paradigm. CTW-Initiative plans to massively invest in a new and profitable approach to education and directly support new types of teachers, those who have mastered the new paradigm of their activities


Книга «Я Меняю Мир»

Лидер и автор проекта Rost Zemlinsky, опубликовал электронное издание под названием «Я Меняю Мир». В книге вы не найдете ни рецептов, ни инструкций. Потому что материал требует медленного, вдумчивого, последовательного разговора – движения от простых концепций к более глубоким. Главный вопрос – как через наше сознание можно изменить наш мир к лучшему.

Подпишитесь на нашу рассылку, чтобы быть в курсе последних новостей CTW-Initiative

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