On the Development of Free Human Philosophical Thought

The history of philosophical thought, liberated from the Creator, is being analyzed. The logical progression and outcome result in our modern civilization. More details on the Laws of Spiritual Dynamics and attempt to construct a 'Society of the Future'.

How it looked BEFORE the era of ‘free human philosophy’? That’s the most interesting question! Nobody remembers…

The ancients began: Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Epicurus… They started concocting their own independent philosophical thoughts… And then came these ‘new’ ideas like:

“Out of all the animals, only humans can laugh.” And the simplest possible conclusion: humans are animals. Let’s embed this in our children’s heads! We’re doing a great job at it, while the hallways smell, sorry, like urine. Animals do that without much trouble, so why are we any worse? Dear esteemed thinkers and scholars, don’t you see the pattern!?

Primordial Truth

This concept embodies the notion of a fundamental, timeless, and essential truth. It signifies a truth originating from the Source, remaining unchanging, and residing at the core of existence. This term conveys a truth that serves as the foundational bedrock for all subsequent understanding and knowledge.


Aristotle writes:

The most divine science is also the most highly valued. Specifically, it is the science that God Himself could most likely possess, and similarly, any science about the divine would also be divine. And only one sought-after science aligns with both aspects.
(I know this science, but do you, reader? Let’s discuss. R.Z.)

God, according to common belief, belongs to causes and is some sort of beginning, and such a science could be solely possessed by God or most of all by Him. Thus, all other sciences are more necessary than it,
(in a practical sense for humans in the body and in the material world. R.Z.),
but none is better.

And this is precisely for the soul, which is absent in the apologists of human animality – why does an animal need a soul, why this science for it! We easily discard the soul, the essence of humanity, from consideration. The leading surgeon – a cardiologist – doesn’t see it when operating on the heart, for him, the heart is merely a pump. Therefore, there’s no need to study it. And hence, the great philosophers argue about the primacy of matter, discarding from reality what indeed constitutes reality. R.Z.

However, instead of seeking and studying this Science, both ancient and subsequent philosophers have become mired in their own inventions and complexities, and they continue to drown in them to this day. These philosophical intricacies are incomprehensible, ungraspable, and no one can listen to or understand them. Think about it – philosophy that cannot be understood. Then who is it for? For scientist-philosophers?

Yet, as it is known, the devil is in the details…
Take this: “God, according to common belief, is some sort of beginning.” This “according to common belief,” my dear philosopher-companion, the follower of Aristotle, is a human assumption that will ultimately lead us to a dead end.

So, here’s the catch: if there is common belief, then He exists? But if there is no consensus among us mortals, then excuse me…

Yet, amidst this group of philosophers, there isn’t a complete denial of the reality of His existence and the actual action of the Creator. For the development of their ‘free’ philosophy, He was still necessary.

The Middle Ages.
Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, Peter Abelard…

Note this: “Thomas is already attempting to synthesize morality and religion. Structurally sound and highly ingenious, Aquinas’s ethics is nevertheless internally deeply contradictory, which is the result of its initial setting.”

The initial setting is our philosophical-spiritual paradigm = ‘Primordial Truth.’ This is the ‘base’ from which one should ‘dance’ through life and it forms the foundation of our lives, activities, and our Educational Program (CTW-Education). Stray from this Primordial Truth, and the dance of life becomes crooked, then ugly… The definition of the term ‘Primordial Truth‘ has been provided earlier.

It’s characteristic that starting from ancient times, synthesis increasingly prevails as a method of cognition. We observe phenomena, individual fragments, assemble them, and derive a whole. There it is – a conclusion!
One of the vivid examples: Human and ape DNA matches by 98%, therefore… Do you catch it, reader? A discovery!!! Human and ape are practically the same! However, what constitutes the fundamental difference is no longer seriously questioned or diligently explored, given it’s just 2%. Instead, they focus on examining those chromosomes that differ, naively assuming that they specifically determine this difference…

The Renaissance.
Bruno, Montaigne…

In this peculiar sphere stands the Ukrainian philosopher Hryhorii Skovoroda, uncomfortable for religious functionaries and modern thinkers alike. From his “Dialogue, called the Alphabet, or the Primer of the World”:

But who can care about others’ benefit, despising their own? And if for oneself there is sorrow, how can it bring good to another?

Know yourself. Engage with yourself, refrain from judging and changing others – it’s not your concern! Without knowing oneself, you cannot help others…

Skovoroda is inconvenient for the omnipresent church, a creation of human hands. His philosophy does not fit within the current church doctrine, nor does it align with contemporary scientific views. Is this because he is wrong, or are we steering in the wrong direction?

About God, the Creator:

This unity is the head of all, itself without beginning, not restricted by time, space, gender, or name.

And humans lack sufficient resources to comprehend or articulate anything coherent regarding His essence. Why? ‘Do not distract yourself from YOUR work; you are not here for that…’

From a philosophical-metaphysical standpoint: matter cannot exist in direct contact with the Creator’s infinite Energy, go build relationships with other people! )) So what are we supposed to know then? His attributes – know and utilize them… Let’s go study!

Their descendants were not the same. The head of wisdom was taken away from them; the pure part fell down; only arts with physical enchantments and superstitions remained.

This refers to us, to the descendants. Here we are, delving into this pile of fantasized, fragmentary, insignificant, science-like ‘magic.’ This is the picture of the current degradation we witness around us. Here are the ‘omnipotent’ cyberneticians and the magic of quantum physics, strings, bosons, genetics; here comes the trendy AI and all the rest.

It’s a pity that the fathers didn’t imprint this in their children’s hearts in advance.

And that’s the crux of the problem with upbringing and education – the absence of enlightenment and exploration, to which a young person is naturally inclined from birth. Plus, parents, driven by love for monetary pursuits, push their children into them… ))

Hence, it happens that the one who should have been playing in the orchestra ends up leading the military platoon. – writes Skovoroda further.

Is this not about the current president? )) Just kidding, of course, I do love this thing, it’s no fun without humor at all )))


Modern Time.
Helvétius, Holbach, Spinoza, Kant, Hegel, Marx took all this to extremes and absurdity. And off went time, ideas, hypotheses, fragments of thoughts, and theories, and the era of “opium for the people” began.

Thanks to these philosophers and thinkers, we have firmly established ourselves with our simian origins, and without the Primordial Truth mentioned earlier, we continue to hope that science will soon pave our way to happiness, while technology will secure it, and we’ll enjoy a state of happiness and fulfillment… Otherwise, why all these efforts? Yet, time marches on, science moves from one dissertation to another, from one award to another, and the… Where is my carriage? Where is the promised happiness, prosperity, and harmony? And in response – silence, a dark alley with a strange smell, and the lightbulb isn’t working… 

And then it went further, stingers were injected:

Schopenhauer – “suffering is the inevitable and true fate of humans”. The observant thinker noticed that life is full of suffering, and then made a generalization (synthesis, indeed) – a standard philosophical-logical construction – synthetic philosophical conclusions…

Nietzsche – “the strongest survives”. – Beat the weak! The philosophy is ready, now it just needs to be implemented. And no problem with that, millions of people were wiped out in one fell swoop. Now we sit and study what went wrong? And the main thing – who is more to blame, Hitler or Stalin… And what’s the fundamental difference? Try explaining it to the tens of millions who perished.

Freud – “an inadequate science”)), if it’s science at all… It’s simple – everything in life revolves around the strongest emotions and the pursuit of pleasures…
And then on to even greater fragmentation… neo-Freudianism, existentialism, universalism, non-violence theory, theory of reverence…
“Like Leninism, these ideas are based on the principles of recognizing the materialistic monism of the world; the progressive spiral-like evolutionary development of nature, man, human society, and consciousness.” Well!? Dear reader, how will we live with all this? Monism indeed, huh!

Oh! Socialism! Collect the maximum from everyone and distribute it fairly. But what if we try to do this ‘with a human face’? Does socialism even have a ‘human face’? And what about Norway, Sweden, Finland, Canada? Do they have socialism or something else?
You and I aren’t too tangled up, inventing a new society – happiness and prosperity for everyone?

What’s common in all of this? An attempt to build one’s own foundation, independent of the Creator – the “base” from which a harmonious dance of life can emerge… 

What else is common? The commonality is that a harmonious dance on this foundation doesn’t work, no matter what we do… 

Thousands of years with no progress in this direction. And for the last couple of centuries, we’ve been especially diligently pursuing scientific and technological progress… That’s where our god is now – that’s who we pray to! “Wait a bit more, don’t interrupt, universal happiness is just around the corner!” ))

And nothing sensible will come out of this because the ‘base’ isn’t in the right place, and it’s built crookedly!!!! The paradigm sticks out of **hole! Sorry, dear aesthetic comrade, I’ll repeat it in case it’s unclear where it’s from: “out of the **hole!” (Remember, “personality development from anal fixation”? That’s it))

Three philosophers of the 19th century – “Karl Marx, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Sigmund Freud – still largely determine how we perceive reality,” reports BBC: “What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger,” Nietzsche believed. The pleasure principle, fulfilling desires, anal fixation… Freud’s. And Marx’s – “religion is the opium of the people” – “whoever is not with us is against us” and “happiness is in the struggle” – let’s beat anyone who doesn’t understand that!

And the ‘wise philosophers’ themselves did not notice how they replaced ‘opium’ with ‘heroin’…


What about religion? 

It’s also not standing still, dividing, fragmenting, developing, indulging… There are no fewer religious teachings, currents, and directions than scientific theories, and each one claims truth. However, once a person leaves the church or temple, they are ready to continue their dirty business in life. 

It’s a real puzzle and thorn in the side… Despite the fact that most religions have a similar foundation, none of them is capable not only of providing, but even explaining what the actual meaning of a person’s life on Earth is. Why is all this created, spinning and flickering before our eyes?

And who will answer the question “Why”? In most cases, the question isn’t even posed. 

Why will religions become obsolete? Quite simple: if a person rises to the level of Knowledge-Understanding-Wisdom, they will have a direct channel of communication with the Creator, eliminating the need for any intermediary. It would be good if they didn’t interfere, otherwise, from the temple… a person goes out to kill; to kill for the right cause, of course, for a great idea and with the proper blessings.

Actually, this formulation of the question isn’t entirely correct, as there will always be people whose spiritual level is higher and, consequently, they can be teachers for others, especially young people… but this is not quite religion, where “you must believe”… Fine, believe, but who prevents you from knowing?

What’s the global problem from Socrates to our days? None of the teachings have come close to leading us to the “meaning of life”… Educated people still firmly believe that humans are little different from animals. “Well, he behaves more like an animal,” convinces the philosopher – materialist, and his DNA is similar…

Hedonism, eudaimonism, utilitarianism, pragmatism, corporatism, perfectionism, patriotism, communism, anarchism, transurfing, nationalism, craziness, halt-gestalt… remember more or come up with your own and boldly insert it into this list… but make sure it’s something new and never seen before, otherwise, you won’t get the carrot.))

Read another bright work, another piece of fiction – ‘art with physical enchantments’, another thinker ‘from the monkey’, annnnd, you can forget and discard it from your mind, just like all the freely imagined things from a good couple of thousand years… 

Doesn’t work, not needed, so we forget it, but we continue digging in the same direction. Sharpening the axes again – ‘well, this time we’ll spill blood to our enemies, and everything will definitely work out…’

But the ‘base’ is in the wrong place and standing crooked. The ugly dance continues…

“The history of the development of free human thought.” Free from what?

The founders of free philosophy never even thought that anything could self-develop on its own. To originate the concept of a mind excited by its own omnipotence, one had to put in a lot of effort – “evolve” – to develop FROM complete loss of connection with the Creator, then gradually erode philosophical thought, substitute concepts, essences, the knowledge and cognition paradigm, search for logically and mathematically consistent ‘proofs’ (the suffering of modern science)… BEFORE attempts at practical implementation. And here we are, at this point of universal ‘prosperity’, looking around… the dance around the ‘broken trough’ continues…

Well, okay, baby, you’ve had your fun, what’s next? Isn’t it evident that the result is close to zero? Karl Heisenberg’s profound thought about this: “For external observation of reality, it is enough to have and be guided by materialistic philosophy and atheism. However, if we look deeper, we will see the Creator!”

Translating… To do what we do in life, we don’t really need a parent so much; it’s sufficient to come up with and use our own materialistic paradigm. But to be happier, healthier, wiser, and still prosper, one must look deeper and call upon the Creator – the Maker, the beloved Father along with the loving Mother!

What will we do?
Will we return, or rather ascend towards Him, from rampant materialism to the ideal Absolute?
Where is the road?
What can I do in this direction during my life on Earth?



My Family.

Relatives, friends, colleagues and acquaintances.

The whole huge world is waiting for me! (and my decision)

By analogy with the stages of human development throughout life, humanity is in a transition phase from adolescence (teenage period) to adulthood, where it begins to recognize the importance of the father and mother and consciously strives towards them. 

We are moving from a state of denying our own parents to a state of understanding their significance, respecting, and loving them. We are returning to that sweet state of childhood when everything depended on the parent. We become smarter, wiser, more  generous, and we mature. Little by little, we begin to grasp what the Parent meant from the very beginning…

A little more, and I will become a parent myself. And for the condition of all humanity, this means recognizing the Creator, restoring the lost connection, and finally obtaining what we so desperately need—what we constantly desire to RECEIVE the most!

However, it seems that to accelerate this process, for a breakthrough, there’s a lack of a push in the back… And, unfortunately, this ‘push’ can be quite painful… The inevitability of this ‘push’ is determined by the fact that humanity is stuck in the first half of Karl Heisenberg’s assertion.

Just as a young person often has to face and experience great difficulties in life to understand how much they need their parents, must we really insist on receiving such a push? Isn’t there another way? A gentle, pleasant, joyful, and wise path—simply put, a Conscious path.

And our approach, our Initiative, proposes exactly that!

Pay attention, a minimum of 15 years of education, 15 years of information flow and instructions…

What of that has truly been necessary for you? What do you consider important? What do you remember and use in life? What of it has made you happy or helped you become happy in life?

Perhaps the ‘monkey’ philosophy and our education are not about a right substance after all…

Let’s think about this together and discuss this situation.

The result of this “free” developmental process – what is it? Do you, dear scientists and philosophers, think that your persistence and determination do not affect us – the ordinary people of this planet?

With the mother’s milk absorbed and reinforced by 15 years of educational process: “existence determines consciousness”; the main thing – to live in abundance; the things around us – they are the main thing, they determine my happiness, the more of them, the better. For this, one should live, learn, and even kill (it’s called war). The higher you climb on the pyramid of material success and consumption, the better.

Scientists and philosophers argue that this is very natural. Two yachts are definitely better than one. Shopping – the best pastime, almost equated with happiness… President Bush urged people to go shopping after the tragedy of 9/11 – “go to the trough to consume and don’t ask stupid questions – that’s how it should be, otherwise the economy and our lives will collapse”…

One more second and people will burst into this temple of happiness:


And here is happiness itself:

The result of the dominance of this philosophy includes the following:

  • Greed and mass corruption.

  • Politics and political technologies become the most crucial aspects of public life.

  • We rely on and hope for the state, becoming entirely dependent on this monster, which seems to revel in and require us, much like a lion needing antelopes. Most people sincerely believe that the state ‘gives’, without understanding that it produces nothing and fundamentally cannot have anything of its own.

  • People seek happiness through possession of things. Consuming as much as possible is the primary goal in life. The more you consume, the happier you will leave life…

  • What’s even more frightening is that children see and accept this as normal. From early childhood, they catch on and participate in this endless race for possession of things, competing precisely in this regard with each other, creating a corrupt environment for their own development (try coming to school without a fancy phone…). This becomes the most important thing in their lives. Unfortunately, modern education reinforces this! It focuses on how to succeed in this process, how to achieve and have more than others.

  • Relationships between people become increasingly utilitarian.

The degradation of morality continues. All other spheres of human life follow suit.

To enthusiasts of Musk and various other fantasies: Do you truly not comprehend that the colonization of space changes nothing fundamentally? Nothing at all. We’ve tarnished Earth, failed to make humans happy, and now we’re off to mess up on Mars… )) I’m exaggerating, of course, but the essence remains: the core issues aren’t on Mars; they’re still back in our neighborhoods.

This is more of a hope — a psychological crutch — an artificial substitute: conquer Mars and… suddenly we’ll live happily ever after. Why? Wouldn’t it have been wiser to direct these resources toward reforming education, transforming it into nurturing and enlightenment? Perhaps these funds could have improved people’s lives on Earth, even by just 10%?! 

Maybe they could have eradicated such a phenomenon as childhood loneliness. Imagine, in an era of interplanetary travel, children in many places still grow up as orphans! Could we have seen a bit more happiness in people’s lives on Earth?! What do you, thinkers, philosophers, and futurists, think about this?

They don’t hear; they’re preoccupied with another dissertation, penning yet another monograph that their students will be forced to buy because no one else reads it. Everyone is caught up in the pursuit of the latest smartphone, without which life supposedly can’t exist, neither on Earth nor on Mars.

Do you think I’m exaggerating too much?

Renowned scientist Stephen Hawking seriously stated that for humanity’s survival, we must colonize other planets and leave this one as quickly as possible… And Musk is already gearing up for it, preparing ships and selling tickets. But what’s in it for us? Will we live better? Happier? Really? Truly?

Try to give a clear answer to what is fundamentally wrong with this approach.

Bertolt Brecht: “First food, then morality.” This is deeply ingrained within us as an undeniable fact. The dominant philosophy today is built upon this foundation—it’s called materialism. How will we resolve the dilemma: what is primary, existence or consciousness, and most importantly, why? WHY is a separate, extensive, and profound topic.

About Synthesizing the Society of the Future

This world is too small to have more than one ruler. Who is this ONE Ruler? That’s question NUMBER ONE!

Another wise saying related to this topic is: “If you don’t know the ford, don’t get into the water.” This will be the epigraph of this section.

As soon as you, as a human, undertake this heavy mission and start building another Tower of Babel, you’ll have what is described in this story and roughly what you see before your eyes. The whole question is: when will this dawn on you? However, you don’t hear or want to see it. You sharpen your pen again and continue your creativity, composing another ‘society of the future,’ another ‘art with physical magic,’ as per Grigory Skovoroda’s insightful remark.

Meanwhile, other people persistently sharpen their axes and continue to prove their righteousness by force, shedding blood, including that of their neighbors and even their own, all for the sake of a great bright future, of course.

A few questions for the beginning.

What about the society in Finland or Norway does not fit the model of the ‘Society of the Future’? What is lacking in them for us to consider them as the basis, a model of an already established stable society?

Why Finland? – People feel the happiest there compared to other countries. There, a criterion has been found – how to measure the outcome. Take a look at this video about the educational system in Finland, and it should clarify a lot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQ_agxK6fLs

It occurred to me… a piece of advice for those organizing work on describing the ‘Society of the Future’ – invite Finnish scientists, public figures, practitioners. Then, we could get the opinions of those who have made the most progress in building the ‘society of the future,’ and the universality of the approach will be more legitimate. In any case, I would be interested to know to what extent they share our concerns about the future of our civilization.

Do they also believe that “the dominant worldview is lost, leading to ideological chaos and a loss of existential orientation”? Do scientists, philosophers, your colleagues in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Switzerland, Iceland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Austria, Australia… agree with you on this? What are their thoughts on this matter?

Second series of questions.

Once a great thinker, philosopher, and scientist synthesized an original idea of the ‘society of the future’ and called it a communist society. Man has never seen anything more structured and good,  synthesized by humankind. He built it himself, based on materialistic philosophy.

Does it suit us as an ideal? Is there anything fundamentally wrong in this idea? If there is, what specifically? And if not, then here is our model, why create anything else? We have not seen anything more structured and comprehensive to date, and it really ignited people at the time, it still flickers…

What’s wrong with this approach? A precise, scientifically-based answer is needed on this matter, not just emotionally charged definitions with a taste of political preferences.

An interesting point, in my opinion. The texts about the ‘Society of the Future’ competition constantly use the word ‘spirituality’ in different connotations. It even comes first in the list of things not to miss in the approach to building the ‘society of the future.’ However, in the requirements for the formatting of the competition work, it is clearly stated not to delve deeply into this direction and to base the work on the theories of ‘local authorities’ – materialists.

I understand it as follows – ‘we consider only proposals based on accepted scientific theories that somehow do not go beyond the framework of materialistic philosophy.’ Have I understood the requirement correctly? Are you ignoring the fact that nothing worthy has been built based on these theories, and civilization is heading towards significant problems? Or do you not relate this phenomenon to your theories?

Spirituality, in my understanding, is connected by the following logical chain of concepts: Spirituality – Soul – Creator, otherwise, it’s just an empty sound for the moment, not carrying anything practical for us.

Furthermore, this connection is fundamental, without considering which everything lacks fundamental meaning and appears as a collection of fragments that for centuries have not been connected into a unified whole. 

Moreover, this universal fragmentation, as opposed to unity, sometimes leads to total misunderstanding and, at times, bloody confrontation between people. The entire modern history of our civilization should have led us to logical conclusions by now… but no, we persist.

Wasn’t planning on discussing this here, in this work, but I’ll attempt to summarize the essentials, so to speak, the Foundation, the “Basis” from which a coherent dance of constructing society of the future can emerge.

We can scientifically call this “Metaphysics” or in some other way, it doesn’t really matter. The overall coherent theoretical base is described in the first course: “Personal Growth – Improving the World“, detailed here: https://ctw-ecosystem.org/foundation-3/ and further if you click on the button More info‘ .


Certainly, a person can intuitively follow, call for everything good, and build beautiful prospects. However, explaining why one should do so to another person convinced that they differ little from an animal won’t work. Our own science has definitively convinced them of their belief in evolution (note, not a proven theory, but a ‘belief’).

This is precisely why the coherent idea of a communist society in practice was forced to appeal to the basest human desires: acquisitiveness, plunder, and then terror (it’s very easy to inspire the animalistic side of a human being).

The result is dismal. Such a society is fundamentally unviable, see Implication 3. Only knowledge, understanding, and spiritual elevation towards wisdom can lead to the goal. See point 6 of the Basic Spiritual Law (below). Now we can finally say something sensible about the construction of a new, perfect society.

society of the future - our approach

Theoretical Foundation. Here it is:

1. There exists a Creator.

2. Human is Created. Initially, the proto-human was created – an absolutely spiritual being. Initially, human being had one central property – RECEIVER. The Creator is a Giver, and Human is a Receiver. Initially, there was complete harmony between them (the material world wasn’t necessary yet). Full harmony: the Creator gives, and the Human receives. Receives what? Enjoyment of the Creator’s energy of incredible intensity.

An analogy in our life: Parent – Child. At the initial stage of life, the child receives everything necessary for their comfortable and safe living. But at a certain point in their development, the child said: “Dad, I want to do it myself! Can you not interfere? I want to be like you, I want to create – to give; give me that opportunity.”

This desire was the Cause of the Big Bang, spoken of so much. To fulfill the Human’s desire to become an independent Creator, the Universe, Earth, water, plants, animals, etc., were created.

3. Human is given freedom of choice.
Do what you want without the influence of the Creator. It’s like having no parent around – create on your own! You don’t see Him, don’t feel Him, don’t know Him, and now don’t want to know Him… You have the full right to do so, but do you become a creator now, as originally demanded? Have you not lost the Purpose for which everything was Created for you? A big question.

4. The material world – Universe, as part of the system of Spiritual Worlds, was Created specifically for human beings to apply their freedom of choice without directly sensing the Absolute’s influence: the slogan is ‘Act on your own!

Regarding whom can I act here on Earth? Who can I express myself as a creator to? To whom can I give what?

5. The process of Creation continues. You wake up in the morning, and this process goes on until evening, every day of life on Earth, on the road, in the field, at the table, and at the bench…

6. The purpose and meaning of human life – to improve oneself and become as close in properties as possible to the Creator. No one prohibits studying these properties and the structure of the Universe.

But scientists are busy with their affairs, mostly superficial ones :).

main proporties of our world

The fundamental properties of our world, created for me and my spiritual growth:

Finiteness. Everything in this material world has a beginning and an end. Only here exists time and space.

Plurality. Everything is broken down into multiple parts. The Spiritual Human, the one who was initially Created, fragmented into many parts and ceased to feel his wholeness.

Now I, a small person in this vast world in a fragile body, must manifest myself as a Creator, but in relation to whom? Only in relation to other people, no longer to anyone else! Indeed, for this purpose, this world was Created (see above).

Now we no longer see or feel our integrity. And if suddenly we did, would we lose our freedom of choice? It would become absolutely clear to us what to do and what not to do.

Spiritual Worlds. System of Spiritual Worlds – 10 worlds, ten layers that separate us from Him and at the same time connect us with Him, conducting spiritual energy from Him to us. Just as an atom consists of 98% emptiness, our material world is only a part and occupies 1-2% INSIDE the total structure of the Creation.

The structure of spiritual worlds and their purpose – a separate significant topic. But in brief, from top to bottom:

Upper World, the first that separates us from the Creator, is called ‘Crown‘ – the main spiritual property: Will – Desire (hence the symbol – the crown on the king’s head. People knew it before, but now they don’t want to know, engrossed in technical progress and material consumption, just like animals));

The next world: Wisdom – it’s the highest spiritual world that a person can attain during their life.

Next: Understanding; Then – Knowledge. From the very names, it’s clear what they mean for us. And inquisitive scientists, such as Bekhtereva and Chernigovskaya, who study the human brain throughout their lives, state that there is NO place in the human brain for memory, there is neither memory nor knowledge there… Interesting, then where are they? See the adjacent article: “In Pursuit Of Truth”.

Next and lower world is Mercy

And so on, skipping for now, up to the lower world – which is our material universe, the one that emerged from a point. This process is detailed with its meaning long before the ‘discovery’ of the Big Bang by scientists. This world of ours is called ‘Kingdom‘ (Malchut) The kingdom of man, where a human being is king, allowed to establish and maintain order and harmony within it, that is, to rule. Are we keeping up?

The characteristic feature of the material world is its finiteness; everything has a beginning and an end here, there is time, there is space. Higher spiritual worlds do not have such limitations. There are no parameters of time and space for spiritual objects such as love, wisdom, conscience, mercy, and so on.

The structure of Human itself fully corresponds to these worlds – ‘in the image and likeness’ – fractality in action)). A person on Earth is a combination of: Soul – Intellect – Emotionality – Body. Ignoring any of these four constituent parts will lead to things going awry, be it in medicine, psychology, sociology, economics, politics, or in any sphere of human activity.


The goal of the future society

To design a new super-society or any community, I need to clearly define the Goal.

The Goal can only be what was prescribed above: “The goal and meaning of human life are to improve oneself and become as close in properties to the Creator.

This means:

The Goal of Society – it must create all the necessary conditions for the spiritual growth of humans. Society exists precisely for this reason and is being constructed for this purpose; everything else is a consequence and particulars.

Therefore – Education, Enlightenment – is priority number one in our society. The question is how to organize this enlightenment so that individual from an early age understands why and how one can spiritually grow and why this is the only path to her/his happiness.

This is the main goal of CTW-Education in our CTW-Initiative. Today, despite the existing state of affairs, we must turn morality and worldview in accordance with and towards the direction of the fundamental law of spiritual development. This is the key to success.

Science. Now it’s clear what needs to be studied. Not synthesizing one theory of everything after another, but analysis – from Him and then down to me. Actually, you and I have already started doing this here.))

The freedom of personal development – based on the freedom of choice. In our society, humans consciously strive to act towards others, helping them also grow spiritually.

Economy. Any company, any organization – it’s a collective, a group of people, each of whom understands that the main goal of the group is to help each other grow spiritually. We gather in groups/companies specifically for this purpose. Profit, money, and other factors – are not the goal but the consequence. If we lovingly make bread for others, it will be tasty and nutritious, and people are willing to reward it worthily.

You’d never put crap in there for profit (i.e. antibiotics to make it grow faster); your own morals wouldn’t allow it. If a company is involved in the exploitation and use of common resources: water, air, minerals, etc., the entire society, every individual automatically becomes an owner – a co-owner and automatically receives dividends. For instance, every resident of Alaska regularly receives payments for the oil extracted and sold in the territory (“since 2000, each Alaskan resident has been paid $24,800). Ultimately, I would propose moving towards non-profit companies. It’s a big topic, and it could go on for a while.

Family. As soon as a person begins to understand why they’re really living on this Earth and what price they pay for violations, for infidelity, for animal behavior, the state of affairs in the ‘Family’ sphere will improve almost automatically.

State. This entity is not fundamentally needed to the extent that we’re accustomed to seeing it. A monster with an army of bureaucracy and violence contradicts the idea of a harmonious society and spiritual development. It stimulates inequality and corruption, which contradict the very Goal.

Decentralization. Our four levels:

Me – who knows better than me how I should live?
Family – who knows better than the family members how they should live?
Communities of any kind – who knows better than they themselves how they should manage?
Society/Country/Humanity – who knows better than they themselves how they should live and progress? Elected bodies for local governance with a constant turnover of members.

Being elected is an honor and a privilege, and the reward is the respect and gratitude of the people you assist in their development. Your prosperity depends on the prosperity of your community/society/country, not on exploiting and robbing your fellow citizens. With this baggage, leaving this world is nothing to be ashamed of, and the remaining people will bid farewell to such an individual and remember them as a person who achieved a level of wisdom in their life.

The question is, who will go into these organizations? Those for whom it matters! Today, these are volunteers, activists, idealists…

It’s precisely to support such individuals, especially teachers, that we create a conducive environment – the CTW-Ecosystem.

There are many who want to change our world for the better! But hardly anyone knows HOW because today’s education is not about that and leads us far away from the Goal.


There exists a very powerful ancient document that narrates the emergence of the first king. It describes the desire and demand of the people to have a king. This desire was motivated by the need for order: “We need a strong hand to bring order,” the people demanded. However, a question came from above: “Am I not enough for you?” and a warning followed that great trouble would arise from this because “your king will be a man who will not always be noble in his desires; he will extort from you and take your children, leading them into various wars and peril…”

It seems that practically everything has already been detailed for us. Take it and use it.


“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do” – Steve Jobs

CTW-Initiative’s Genesis.
A Miraculous Tale Of Inspiration.

The genesis of the CTW-Initiative began with a pivotal moment—an insightful realization that ignited transformative vision. Over three decades of deep exploration into life’s mysteries led to understand the potential of humanity’s intellect, soul, and spirit in effecting global change.

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