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Program Concept 'Leleka'

Modular Housing in Ukraine

Challenge being addressed: developing housing and creating jobs in Ukraine

The Russian aggression in Ukraine has destroyed thousands of buildings; damaged the country’s infrastructure, communications, and roads; ravaged the countryside; and caused millions of citizens to become refugees without homes.

Ukraine now faces the daunting task of rebuilding their nation, and the Leleka program is preparing to help!

There are more than 400 United Territorial Communities in Ukraine. Each UT has an immediate need for housing, ranging from l00-1500 units. The Leleka solution is a long-term program that includes the production, supply, assembly, and turnkey delivery of 100-300 affordable modular cottages per settlement/village. It also includes an infrastructure designed for comfortable and safe living and the creation of jobs necessary for the settlement’s sustainable development.

The success of the Leleka project depends on international cooperation and long-term investments, and we are currently working with partners in Ukraine (and beyond) to escalate this process.

Main Features of the Leleka Program

Goals and Priorities

  • To provide housing for as many people as possible in the shortest possible time.
  • To create positive conditions for the return of refugees and displaced citizens.
  • To create new jobs for settlers.
  • To create an environment for socio-cultural growth.

Non-Profit Approach

The Founder and Leadership Team of the Leleka program work on a non-profit basis. The non-profit structure allows us to provide full oversight of all parties who participate in the program. This approach ensures increased transparency, trust, quality, and efficiency throughout the entire cycle: from ‘order’ to ‘house-key’ for each family.


‘Leleka’ is a cooperative effort between the main participants, currently represented by Ukraine and Canada. However, we invite and welcome extensive global involvement and support.

Comprehensive Result

We plan to create settlements of 100-300 cottages with complete infrastructure for comfortable and safe living. The Leleka settlements are intended to operate as independent cooperatives, with residents working together to ensure that their communities thrive. We envision that these communities will serve as a microcosm of what our global society should be.

Inclusion & Affordability

There are no restrictions for any reason in ‘Leleka’ communities. The primary beneficiaries of our program are women with children and victims of hostilities.
Our plan consists of houses created from uniform modular components. The commitment to uniformity results in reduced cost, increased speed of delivery, and versatile usage. While the basic structures are designed for human habitation, they are also suitable for small business, administrative, and other social, cultural, and economic purposes.


We expect to attract long-term public/private investment and lending with a guarantee of return. This includes funding from governments and investment funds.

Long-Term Growth

The Leleka model is an affordable plan designed with global scalability, reproducibility, and financial stability in mind.

Comfortable Living

The design of our module homes and settlements will be jointly developed by interested parties. The houses will meet all modern housing requirements and will exceed the norms of social housing. Key elements include:
– Electricity.
– Heating (two options: regular and autonomous (emergency)).
– Water with autonomous heating system.
– Drainage.


The community can – and should – form its own self-government that holds the responsibility of infrastructure; services; protection of the territory and housing; small business development; etc. In a sense, they are each a natural, organic, multi-purpose cooperative. In addition to the residential houses, other specialized modular buildings will be used for administrative, socio-cultural, and small business purposes in each territorial community (TG).

Job Creation

The Leleka program will support small business development and job creation within each cooperative settlement. During the initial design phase of the settlement, these factors will be taken into consideration.

Vision of the Future Growth

From the first settlement – a pilot project – to an extensive cooperative movement in the Ukrainian territories, Leleka intends to stimulate socio-economic growth throughout the nation.

The market for modular homes has tremendous possibilities. In addition to the 1.5 million families displaced from their homes, there are hundreds of thousands of other families waiting for us to act in Ukraine.

After a successful launch in Ukraine, we will be ready to expand into other regions and countries to help people with housing and job creation, using the Leleka model.

The speed of development depends on your active participation, the scale of investment and the achievement of production and construction capacities. Our business plan will describe quantitative and qualitative parameters, goals, and steps to be performed.

Plan of Actions

  • Develop the Leleka Program’s initial phase
  • Secure Applications and Intentions

from Territorial Gromadas (TGs) by working with TGs as potential customers

  • Launch Pilot Project

with a trial implementation of the first 10-100 modular houses within the selected TG

  • Obligations and Return Guarantees

Secure obligations and return guarantees on the long-term investment agreements. We expect commitments from TG (Territorial Gromadas) as a prime-customers along with official guarantees from the Government of Ukraine.

  • Work with Manufacturers and Builders

Select and work with manufacturers and builders to implement the design, production, delivery, engineering, preparation of territories, connection of communications, and installation of modular houses.

  • Sources of Funding

Determine local and international funding sources who are willing to finance Leleka based on a long-term loan/investment with guarantees of return. *
–Government of Ontario;
–Government of Canada;
–Private investors and organizations.
–Government organizations and investment funds of other countries (USA, Great Britain, Germany, Japan, etc.).


  • Official Formation and Launch the Program

*As an open foundation, we do not seek charitable assistance, although we welcome and are eager for participation. The money allocated by the governments could remain and be applied to the economy of the respective territories. It is important to understand that our private investment partners have a business objective, i.e., today we help, and tomorrow we receive income and profit.

  • How Program Leleka relates to CTW-Initiative

CTW-Initiative is based on the belief that the one responsibility we all share among our fellow world citizens is to help each other enjoy a happier, kinder, more prosperous, and more harmonious existence. Let us begin by working together to help those currently in most need of our help – Ukraine. Our Leleka program is the manifestation of our united commitment to a better world.

Together we can make Ukraine an East-European ‘Tiger’ and our world a better place!

Author of the ‘Leleka’ Program meets with President Zelensky at Canada-Ukraine Business Summit in Toronto, presenting the vision of Ukraine future growth.

This is a private web-page accessible by personal invitation. The information is confidential and cannot be copied or transferred to third parties without consent of the author. Thank you for understanding and compliance.

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