наша виртуальная страна


Жители нашей страны улучшают свою жизнь, зарабатывают, постигают мудрость, совершенствуют отношения, помогают друг другу процветать и быть счастливыми.


About CTW-Ecosystem

CTW-Ecosystem is our virtual country

  • Community is in the heart
  • Socio-cultural startups
  • Supporting Teachers
  • Own currency
  • Foundation
  • Funds for residents of the Ecosystem
Any resident of our country is a partner and may participate in the management, impact the development of the community and receive rewards for all activities.

Participation in our Ecosystem helps to:

  • Improve relationships
  • Improve health
  • Find soulmate
  • Create and maintain a happy family
  • Find your mission and profession
  • Improve your well-being

Achieving success in all aspects requires one crucial element – showing compassion and support towards others.

CTW-Initiative – to create CTW-Ecosystem

CTW-Ecosystem Growth

Our Goals


Create CTW-Ecosystem

A virtual infrastructure where people want to grow, learn, share, earn


Attract Investments

to scale Ecosystem up from the virtual city to the country


Change Edu-Paradigm

the happiness in life is in the focus

Welcome to our world

Together we will make it better

CTW-Ecosystem Structure


Carrying out global crowdfunding (GCF). Attracting investors of various types and interests, including impact investors. Formation of a significant fund for the implementation of CTW-Initiative plans.


International community of like-minded partners. Participation in the development of an innovative educational product. Mutual assistance, earnings, investing, improving one's own life.


A solid foundation for the development of our community. Non-profit organization, founded to achieve community goals and mission. Supports activities of CTW-Production. Financial center of CTW-Ecosystem.


Support creative working groups, performing projects and developing educational products. Any CTW-Society development activity - project which can be supported and funded through ongoing crowdfunding.


Our mission is to create a better world by empowering individuals to improve their own lives and the lives of others. We believe in the power of collaboration and offer the opportunity for all to become our partners in this mission. Together, we can make a positive impact on the world and inspire others to join us in creating a brighter future for all.


Ecosystem – a virtual country where individuals from all corners of the globe can come together to improve the main aspects of their lives.

Changing the paradigm of education by supporting teachers in development of their own socio-cultural growth programs.

International community of millions, where everyone can take part in development, help others improve their lives, and receive rewards for their active work.

4 Levels of Growth in CTW-Ecosystem

* At the Level 4, member of CTW-Society obtains title CTW-Instructor, Certificate and Payments (look at “Rewards & Benefits” down below)

Main Divisions and Areas of Activity

You can realize yourself in one or several areas


Base of Knowledge
Personal Growth


Changes the World


Understanding and Happiness in the family


Health of body,
mind and soul


We will prosper by helping others.


Finding Soulmate
and long lasting love


Satisfaction from professional activities


Investor earns in

Rewards & Benefits

Join the CTW-Society Member Rewards program and help us develop and expand the CTW-Ecosystem. As an active member of our community, you can receive numerous benefits and advantages. These include increased access to resources and opportunities, greater networking potential, and a chance to shape the future of the CTW-Ecosystem.

CTW-Initiative Advantages

The CTW Initiative is a unique phenomenon. We are uniting to improve our world, improve our lives, and receive rewards for doing so.

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Each person in the Initiative will be able to realize their interests, such as earnings, investment activity, self-development, assistance to like-minded people, and a change in the spirit of education. Participation in this global Initiative is encouraged.

New Edu-Paradigm

A new paradigm of education is emerging, with a new spirit focused on human happiness and the development of high moral and socio-cultural values. Only this can effectively change our world for the better.

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Unique Ecosystem

The CTW-Initiative is about building an ecosystem. The CTW-Ecosystem is a virtual country that upholds the highest level of ethics and morality with its own mission, currency, infrastructure, and constitution. Most importantly, the people involved know what they are doing and why.


Each member of our community has the opportunity to receive constant rewards for their participation and activities in the CTW-Ecosystem.

We are Improving Our World

Our initiative is a series of goals and objectives that effectively solve the issue of improving the world. It enhances the worldview and morality.

We are Improving Own Life

Improving one’s own life and helping each other to solve key issues in areas such as family, finances, health, and professional activities.


Anna Romanov
Anna RomanovKazan, Russia
Read More
The knowledge I received from Rost turned out to be an motivation for me to understand how everything in life works. I realized that material things are directly connected to spiritual realm, and if we are cut off from one, we are cut off from everything and blindly follow ghostlike hopes when the answer is near. The course "Personal Growth - Improving Our World" will help you understand what is really important and how to change the world and own life for the better.
Timofey Voronin
Timofey VoroninNovosibirsk, Russia
Read More
I have been working and communicating with Rost for more than a year, and I can say that he is a reliable person with whom it is pleasant to deal with. I believe that the main thing in any matter is a person: it is not a medicine that cures, but a doctor. The surest way to grow yourself is to surround yourself with people who have something to learn. Rost is one of those people. It is good that he open himself and gives, in a good sense, to use himself, shares his views, knowledge and experience.
Natalia Vichtinsky
Natalia Vichtinsky Sankt-Petersburg, Russia
Read More
Rost does not impose his opinion, but concentrates on questions. Why is everything Created? What is the purpose and meaning? Why sufferings exist? Why good deeds are so beneficial... It's very valuable to find the answer! With the help of Rost and his courses this happens easily and naturally. Both, the idea and the project itself, as well as the course, blog, group, forum and personal communication with the author gives energy to comprehend the processes of the spiritual world that affect our material and own life.
Sergey Markelov
Sergey MarkelovDnepr, Ukraine
Read More
I know Rost for many years not only as a talented developer of trading systems, but also as a leader of the CTW-Initiative project. I believe that this is one of the unique initiatives, more than ever necessary in our world. Especially valuable is the author's course "Personal Growth" - this is just an exceptional phenomenon. I think that the topics of the course are very useful especially for young people who are faced with an endless series of everyday problems.
Nadejda Naumova
Nadejda NaumovaJerusalem, Israel
Read More
As far as I can remember, I was always interested in questions related to the search for the causes and meanings of actions, relationships, the search for authenticity, as psychologists say. Perhaps that is why there was a meeting with Rost in a difficult period of my life, when I especially needed an intelligent, wise person to talk with. Thanks to his support, I went through a crisis situation, one can say, not only without loss, but also gaining new experience. Thank you, Rost!
Alexander Sushkov
Alexander SushkovPrague, Czech Republic
Read More
The world has become accustomed to the separation of material and moral, ordinary and spiritual life, although it demands a person to build his behavior in accordance with moral values. Nobody objects this, but in reality, it does not work very well. Rost is my friend, I understand why he raised these issues. I am sure that the Initiative and the course of personal development for everyone can become an event and a point in time of self-reflection and the world around.

Our Team

Rost Zemlinsky

Author, Leader, Founder
Toronto, Canada


Timur Razin

Marketing Manager
Kiev, Ukraine


Eugene Tsatskin

Business Development
Toronto, Canada


Rashit Saifutdinov

Automated Sell Systems
Kirov, Russia


Natalia Vikhtinskaya

Web & Video Designer
St.Petersburg, Russia


Chanoch Abrahams

GICS Manager
Jerusalem, Israel


Yuri Ziskevitch

Business Communications
Toronto, Canada


Nick Laskin, PhD

R & D
Toronto, Canada


Natalie Rostotski

Call Center Manager
Dnepr, Ukraine


Steve Abachine

Security & Infrastructure
Toronto, Canada


Nick Petrov

Blockchain Project Manager
Phuket, Thailand


Alexander Sushkov

Business Communications
Prague, Czech


Join Our Initiative

Sign up and become a part of our CTW-Society, be a part of our community and our partner in CTW-Ecosystem.

Our Contacts

If you have questions or want to send a message, please use this form or just send an email

Toronto, ON, Canada


Boosting the Financial Base of the CTW-Ecosystem through Global CrowdFunding (GCF).

By leveraging crowdfunding, we aim to accelerate the
development of the global CTW-Initiative, and our approach involves the issuance of the CTW-Token cryptocurrency. Here are the key components that contribute to the success of our crowdfunding campaign:

  • Mass participation in the Community. We encourage and invite individuals from all walks of life to actively engage in the ‘CTW’ movement and become part of the CTW-Society. Through collective efforts, we can create a strong and vibrant community.
  • Inspirational goals. Our crowdfunding campaign is driven by ambitious and inspiring goals. We believe in the potential of the CTW-Ecosystem to make a positive impact on a global scale. By supporting us, you become an integral part of this exciting journey.
  • Attractive Reward Scheme. We value the dedication and hard work of our community members who actively participate in CTW-Production. To acknowledge their efforts, we have designed an enticing reward scheme that recognizes and appreciates their valuable contributions.
  • Stable returns for investors. We understand the importance of providing a stable and secure investment
    opportunity for our supporters. As an investor in the CTW-Ecosystem,
    you can expect reliable returns that align with your financial goals.

By achieving success in our crowdfunding efforts, we can catalyze the implementation of the CTW-Ecosystem Economy, paving the way for a transformative future. Join us today and be a part of this groundbreaking initiative.


Our community is united by the shared goal of improving the world we live in and making positive changes in our personal lives. We offer four levels of engagement to help individuals achieve these goals.

Level 1 – Foundation includes the course “Personal Growth – Improving the World,” e-book “I am Changing the World” and membership in our CTW-Society.

Level 2 – Immersion challenges individuals to study, discover, and apply desired changes in the areas of family, health, relationships, prosperity, profession, and teaching. Additionally, we offer guidance in achieving relationship mastery and positive changes in personal life.

Level 3 – Action
involves participation in CTW-Production and collaboration on “We are Changing Our World” – a living book development. Members will also work towards positive changes in their personal lives and helping other.

Level 4 – Fulfillment empowers members to develop their own informal program “Socio-Cultural Development of Individual and Society”, based on proprietary material.
Those who complete this level can become an instructor in our community, obtaining the title CTW-Instructor.


Empowering the Community CTW-Society through Financial Support

Welcome to CTW-Foundation, a nonprofit organization established to provide financing and support for the mission and goals of the Ecosystem. As the financial hub of the CTW-Ecosystem, CTW-Foundation performs several key functions to drive our collective success:

  1. Central Bank of the CTW-Ecosystem: CTW-Foundation operates as the central bank of the CTW-Ecosystem, facilitating transactions with both fiat currency and cryptocurrencies. With this role, we ensure smooth financial operations within the ecosystem, promoting efficiency and accessibility.

  2. Investment Bank for Community and Ecosystem Development: As an investment bank, CTW-Foundation plays a crucial role in fostering the growth and development of our community and the broader ecosystem. We allocate resources strategically to support initiatives and projects that align with our mission and contribute to the overall progress of CTW-Society.

  3. Sponsorship and Primary Investor for CTW-Production Activities: CTW-Foundation serves as a sponsor and primary investor, providing vital financial support to activities within CTW-Production. We recognize the significance of these initiatives in advancing educational products and projects for socio-cultural development. By investing in CTW-Production, we fuel innovation and bring impactful ideas to life.

Through CTW-Foundation, we establish a solid financial infrastructure that enables us to channel resources effectively, drive innovation, and uplift the CTW-Society community. Join us in our mission to create a thriving ecosystem and unlock the full potential of socio-cultural growth.


Fostering Innovative Educational Products and Projects for Socio-Cultural Growth.

Welcome to CTW-Production, where creative working groups come together to develop innovative educational products and projects aimed at fostering socio-cultural growth. Our community members hold a special priority in forming, participating in, and financing these creative working groups and launching projects.

In CTW-Production, we focus on creating educational products and projects that align with our mission and goals. These include books, videos, seminars, cartoons, games, and more—anything that the members of CTW-Society desire to create for children, students, and adults to promote socio-cultural development. Each working group operates as a separate project, with its own account, educational/enlightening program, students, and unique methods.

Every project within CTW-Production is developed and conducted in crowdfunding mode, making it open for participation as partners, investors, sponsors, and project participants by individuals from the broader community.

To initiate a project within CTW-Production, we follow a prototype project initialization form, which includes the following sections:

  1. Project Identification

  2. Indicate the relevant project category from the following options:

    • Foundation
    • Teacher
    • Family
    • Relationship
    • Health
    • Prosperity
    • Profession
    • Investment
    • Something else___
  3. Short Description

  4. Why do you wish to launch this project? What are your goals?

  5. Describe the expected outcomes of the project. What should the results look like?

  6. Estimated project implementation duration.

  7. Does the project require a team for implementation? If so, how many people and what specialties are needed?

  8. What is the funding amount required for project implementation?

  9. How much are you personally contributing towards the project?

  10. Is the project expected to generate profits? If so, what is the anticipated amount?

  11. Additional Message: Please feel free to express any thoughts or ideas related to the project in this section.

By engaging with CTW-Production, we foster an environment that encourages collaboration, innovation, and the realization of transformative educational initiatives. Join us on this journey of socio-cultural growth and contribute your unique perspectives and talents to make a lasting impact.

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