In Pursuit of Truth

This is an article about the scientific approach, progress, development, methods of seeking truth, and the systematic disregard of the fundamental laws of the universe, the Laws of Spiritual Dynamics.

“Scientific truth triumphs as its opponents die out.” – Max Planck.

The authority of hundreds of thousands of scientists with colorful journals, laboratories, campuses, billions of dollars, and endless research projects seems unshakable. That’s the general impression, the big picture, right? However, if you carefully examine an individual study and its leader – the lead scientist, it becomes clear that this is not about discovering the truth. It’s about another doctoral thesis, another grant, or another book that nobody will take seriously, let alone read, because the person for whom this book is intended is already engrossed in THEIR idea, their new and inevitably original theory, just another in an endless list. And here we are, repeating like a mantra: “scientists have found,” “scientists have proven,” or even more emphatically: “science has discovered”… Where is the truth in all of this?

The picture is particularly frightening in the ‘borderline’ areas of knowledge – at the intersection of the material and spiritual worlds, such as medicine, psychology, history, philosophy, sociology…

The Washington Post conducted a survey among medical scientists (anonymous questionnaire), and it turned out that:

  • 5% of those surveyed found it acceptable to disregard facts.
  • 10% were listed as authors of papers in which they did not participate.
  • 16% distorted research data under pressure from sponsors.

These figures only include those who admitted to it… Is your situation the same or better? ))

That’s why, as soon as I hear: Doctor of Science, academician, laureate, “A New Theory has been discovered”… I understand that the old knowledge, passed down from the Father-Creator to His Son, has not been studied; it has been ignored. Knowledge from the Cause, from the Source has not been conveyed; or rather, it has been transferred, but the ‘son’ decided not to study it but to create something new – yet another ‘New Theory.’ 

Well, you have the right and the opportunity, there’s plenty of gray matter in brain for that, and the freedom to choose doesn’t hinder creativity and mischief-making…

Questions that science within its own paradigm cannot answer

 Here are a few of them:

  • Why did the Universe form? We’ve delved into the fact that once there was a Big Bang, but why? What was the cause of the emergence of our material Universe from a single point with its vast yet finite parameters?

  • How did our planet and life on it come into existence?
    Mathematicians have calculated that if this happened as a result of a series of random events multiplied over a long period (this process was called ‘evolution’ – and declared a ‘theory,’ by the way), then the probability of such a chain of events is much closer to zero than we could imagine…
    And we boldly ignore this fact. Hence, by the way, the conclusion that there are simply no extraterrestrial civilizations… And we insist on this only because we are indoctrinated with the ‘truth’ about the evolutionary development of everything – part of materialistic philosophy…
    Hence, from the Law of Universal Evolutionary Development (no less), we deduce that on other planets, monkeys or other very intelligent beings could have evolved by themselves… That’s our logic. And logic, as we know, is the strongest and most correct thing – because it leads to truth (this is a healthy sarcasm))

  • Where do knowledge reside, how are our memories stored, and how are they retrieved at enormous speeds? Here, it must be said that the premise (what we call a ‘paradigm’) that everything is stored in the brain is incorrect. The question is broader: how do we not only retrieve what we remember but also acquire new knowledge – various images, symphonies that have never been part of our lives and therefore cannot be stored in our brain’s memory in principle. The brain is not memory in a computer sense or a processor in the sense claimed by ‘advanced’ scientists with loud names. Then what is it? What is Knowledge, where is it located, and how is it instantly retrieved?

  • Why do we sleep? What kind of state is it? Sleep disruption and its absence constitute torture. “Scientists are yet to develop a ‘unified general theory’ of the evolutionary meaning and purposes of sleep,” writes one scientist.
    Here we have the usual approach within the evolutionary paradigm – searching for an “evolutionary meaning of sleep.” But could there be no other meaning and can there not be one? And so it is in everything – we explore everything within the bounds of our material world and facts that do not contradict the hypothesis of evolution and materialism.

  • Why do we yawn? Why is yawning “contagious”? 

  • And what about laughter? It’s like spasms where the brain shuts off, and there’s no possibility of thinking about anything negative? It’s interesting to delve into these questions.

  • In the universe, only 5% is made of matter… what about the rest and what is it? According to materialism, “nothing” does not exists, yet any material particle consists of 99.99% of this “nothing”…

  • What happens after death?

  • The “placebo effect.” It works, doesn’t it?

  • The observer effect on the observed… They’ve already reached and described it, conducted experiments, and proved it… Awesome! But why does it happen that way? What if you look closely, “eye to eye”? Do you feel it?! It can take your breath away!

  • Who exactly or what exactly experiences pleasure when photons from the image of a sunset enter a person’s eyes? Who enjoys the sunset? Who or what derives pleasure from it?

  • What do you say about water? It’s the most abundant substance on Earth. Where did it come from in such quantities? How did it form by itself? 70% of Earth is water; 70% of the human body is water…
    What do you think, chemists, about this formula H2O? It formed on its own, tightly bonded, covering almost the entire surface of the planet, and all life on Earth relies on this substance. How do you like this strange fact – water expanding when it freezes?
  • Does the structure of water change depending on the observer’s mood? Are you researching this?
  • The assumption that inanimate matter has the ability to self-regulate and develop without the intervention of external intelligence, without a plan, without purpose, seems the most incredible to me. According to these illogical scientists, it self-adjusts its parameters and balances within the most extreme ranges of values randomly. However, we haven’t seen a single example right before our eyes of anything even slightly ordered coming to life without the presence of external intelligence, which consists of (in order): conscious desire, idea, plan, purpose, and energy that could hold the created object from self-destruction. Let’s call this ‘intellectual energy’ for now.

    On the contrary, we are fully aware that any object without this intellectual energy is doomed to decay, end, death, disappearance. What does a scientist, just a thinking person, conclude from this? What compels me, an honest and unbiased scientist, to search vehemently for evidence of the randomness of self-creation and connections with monkeys and even more famous ancestors? I firmly deny the facts that are right in front of my nose and do everything possible to find evidence contradicting the obvious. Why do I need this so badly? Why do I so intricately and persistently abuse my own reason and consciousness? Please answer, why it has to be this way?

    So, come on, create at least one living cell from non-living material in your laboratories. A living cell has already been described in sufficient detail; it remains only to demonstrate the highest capabilities of the human mind based on a materialistic approach. But this is fundamentally impossible for one simple but fundamental reason: Humans are meant to be Receivers, not Creators. Humans can engage in the transformation of existing things, discover existing Knowledge, and call it theories, adding the adjective ‘new’. This is the Law of the Universe, which you, ‘objective’ scientists, refuse to study and even do not want to know, that is, you are doing everything possible to break it. This is the behavior of a child who wants to break paternal prohibition. However, fundamentally, they have the right to do so, because freedom of choice.

    Regarding creating a cell – a lecture from a real scientist, a renowned biochemist: James Tour: The Mystery of the Origin of Life.

    As for transformations, yes, we can combine certain citrus fruits and get something new. However, attempting to go beyond the fragile boundary of the natural balance given to us carries significant problems for humankind. “The unleashed power of the atom has changed everything save our modes of thinking, and we thus drift toward unparalleled catastrophe.” – Albert Einstein.

    Well, we live in a different paradigm; we can ignore the Father’s warning and still stick our fingers into the socket. Step aside, don’t interfere! I am learning. 😊 

The Significance of New Technologies and Technological Progress

New technologies – they’re good! We can’t resist this perception anymore. Scientists anticipate the birth of the first newborns with a built-in smartphone and a chip somewhere between their ears… Evolution is at work! (sarcasm))

One wise individual – a philosopher – said: ‘The widespread use of the internet has allowed three billion people to pour out their consciousness to the public.’ Read: dumping onto someone else’s head… 

And we can’t live without this reality anymore. Everyone is glued to and living in their smartphones.

Technologies and especially science are developing, but people are suffering and degrading… life is not getting any happier.

The number of diseases, especially cardiovascular and oncological ones, is growing due to the bad attitude between people. 

Are there fewer suicides? Are there fewer drugs? Alcoholism declines dramatically? Has it become safer to walk the streets? Are you surrounded by friendliness and safety on the roads? The list goes on, doesn’t it, interplanetary travelers – colonizers of Mars?

Why don’t new technologies give us the desired results? For example, for greater security, we can setup cameras on every corner – it’s logical! Insert a chip into each person – now we know where he is, with whom, what he is doing, what he says and what he thinks to himself there, in what mood he walks… Do you think that this is not happening yet, is not planned, or is it in some way at least illogical, does not correspond to today and the modern worldview, that is, our commonly used morality and philosophy?

This is also justified by evolutionary development, and progress, and technology, and philosophy that dominate our lives. This is our approach to reality. This is our logic of development. Probably somewhere in this direction of our development, happiness awaits me… somewhere in the future… But for now…

Is the family strengthening or falling apart? Why would you think? Why can’t such high technologies strengthen the family? Do these technologies allow us to be free, relaxed, joyful, to have more free time for our family, or vice versa – to chase, strain and struggle even more, exhausted from stress, and constantly falling into depression?

You don’t have to be married to have a child. Is this so? And it’s not necessary to have a child… No problem, let’s slightly adjust the concepts in the field of morality and… here we go – “we don’t need children”; It’s quite logical and convenient. And in schools we will teach how to have sex properly! We will teach sex techniques. Why not? Well done! Very logical. Which class will we start with? From the third? We have a whole range of high-tech contraceptives for this, all that remains is to teach and master them… Why not start practicing right away? What’s wrong? Do you know what exactly you are violating in this case, what objectively existing law? No, you don’t know, you are engaged in SCIENCE, science, technics, processes and technology. In this case, sexology and the technics of this matter.

Well, where do advanced technologies give us something useful? At the dawn of the information revolution and automation, we thought and dreamed that life would change qualitatively, people would work less, their work would be easier, total mechanization and automation would completely change the nature of work, making it easy, joyful, and creative. Everyone will be financially provided. All this will free up a lot of time for quality rest and creativity. There will be more children and happiness in the family… Where is it all? Who calls the current situation in the world progress and on what basis?

Now, all hope is for Bitcoin and blockchain, fintech with artificial intelligence will finally change everything. We urgently need a flight to Mars, a new collider, they will definitely change everything for the better. (sarcasm)).

Finally! A new beast is here!

Happiness rushes in so near,

Prepare to greet it without fear,

Swiftly open up, let it cheer!

All these material, or more specifically, materialistic grand technologies, don’t fundamentally change human life for the better. Quite the opposite — they absorb the remnants of human and collective energy, which, as we found out earlier, leads to a pitiful existence. If there’s no spiritual development, it’s all doomed, whether with new financial or space technologies or without them — it doesn’t make much difference.

Look at arms advancements – how much are we spending on that? The space programs – how much are we planning to launch into the endless cosmos? And why not aim for colonizing Mars? Musk said it’s crucial for humanity’s progress, and Hawking warned that without colonizing other planets, we’re doomed. Indeed, we haven’t managed well on Earth; perhaps things might go better on another planet? That’s where our happiness hides — on Mars! How much money are you willing to throw at that? Meanwhile, do all the light bulbs in our common corridor already work? 🙂

The argument presented by a committed materialist goes as follows: “The kidney dialysis machine was invented as part of the development of space programs.”
What do you think about that? Wouldn’t it have been more rational to develop this device without involving space programs, investing specifically in its development, and most importantly, with the aim of helping sick people? Does this justify the senseless waste of vast resources?

Surely looks like the approach to job creation. The picture goes like this: “Let’s spend a couple of trillion dollars and build an island in the Mediterranean Sea! Look at how many jobs it will create!” (chuckle)
As a businessman, you’d never invest your money in such projects. It’s another matter to throw other people’s funds. After all, utilizing them is a very lucrative affair. But what about those who were hungry, struggled without work, and fought, their children… are we talking about them? Will anything in their lives change? You can’t alter their brains, turn their souls, and an island in the Mediterranean won’t solve their problems. Isn’t this clear after centuries of struggling for the triumph of materialism?

Sometimes I ponder that this entire endless treadmill is created only to distract people from the most important aspect of life. That’s the role of the Human Testing System in our Spiritual World. And evidently, we’re failing this test…

Don’t you see? Reality needs changing not on an artificially created island but in the minds and souls… then one can live peacefully and happily in harmony and prosperity on a tiny piece of land without natural resources! And at the same time, set an example for others. However, in this case, one needs to take a closer look at the notion of the SOUL. You all use it without a shadow of doubt, but examining it scientifically, unbiasedly, and deeply… there’s neither the desire nor the grants for that.



paradox or law

Wikipedia gives the following explanation: 
“The Fermi paradox is a conflict between the argument that scale and probability seem to favor intelligent life being common in the universe, and the total lack of evidence of intelligent life having ever arisen anywhere other than on Earth.”

The explanation of The Fermi Paradox seems quite simple: We don’t find signs of other civilizations simply because we are alone in space, alone in the Universe. Why? – that’s the right question.

What interests me more is why it’s called a “paradox.” It’s a separate topic about what we consider paradoxes in life today. It’s simple – if any fact doesn’t fit into the ‘theory’ of our randomness and evolution, it’s a pa-ra-dox… don’t get distracted, go on listening to the signals of the Universe… and don’t forget to spend as much on it as possible, spend  common funds because we are the public and we need it the most.

So, WHY in the Universe we don’t see or hear other more advanced civilizations?

Let’s answer:

1. There is no evolution neither on Earth nor in the Universe. There is no evolution in nature. There is no convincing evidences; therefore, it is just a product of human imagination. This, at best, could be called a “hypothesis,” which I would cite as an example of where human imagination, freedom of thought, and choice can lead if given free rein.

2. Everything seems logical as it turns out, says the great scientist Schrödinger, Darwin, or Hawking, or anyone else: if there is no Creator, if everything just exploded and developed on its own… so what? And then what? If that were the case, we would now be seeing it everywhere, this universal law of nature named ‘Evolution’. Evolution would be evident to us all through endless and continuous forms and species – there would be no boundaries – just continuous forms and entities. Inanimate nature would assemble into living things and quickly reproduce in myriad new, more resilient, and beautiful ways…
However, there is nothing of the sort, neither now nor ever was. Archaeology cannot convincingly prove that it was once like that, and then the universal law of evolution stopped working. In other words, at one time, the Universal Fundamental Law of Evolution acted, and now the law has stopped working. Here’s an example of another fantasy concocted out of thin air and seasoned with hefty grants)).

3. So, we found out that the laws of evolution have ceased to apply, they no longer work. Hey, scientists, either you are deliberately distorting, or you no longer recognize that you are working in an initially incorrect paradigm. 


There are no violations of the second law of thermodynamics in nature.
In our spiritually-intellectually-emotionally-material world the following laws apply:

Laws of spiritual dynamics

Starting Point - Emanation

Primordial Truth

This concept embodies the notion of a fundamental, timeless, and essential truth. It signifies a truth originating from the Source, remaining unchanging, and residing at the core of existence. This term conveys a truth that serves as the foundational bedrock for all subsequent wisdom, understanding and knowledge.

Second Law of Spiritual Dynamics

In our material world, nothing can exist indefinitely on its own. Everything tends towards decay and disappearance. It's necessary to expend intellectual, or rather spiritual energy (intellectual energy is just a part of it) to maintain any kind of order, let alone for development, organization, and complexity...
Nothing can spontaneously emerge and evolve into greater complexity solely through random coincidences of circumstances.


Without the interaction of these four Worlds, it’s impossible even to cross a road, let alone create something worthy, good, and eternal. 

Everything in our universe consists of these four worlds.

Regarding the issue of a living cell mentioned earlier, without the coordinated operation of these four SPIRITUAL worlds, it simply cannot exist. First, the presence and action of these worlds, then a living cell.

A mechanistic approach to studying the cell is nothing more than a model. Misunderstanding and denial of this fact in our lives and in science leads to modern medicine, which is only concerned with the ‘body’ and medications for it… Mostly – universal painkiller (sarcastic :).

Well, we have what we have. Look at the statistics of disease management outcomes.

Thinking about this table, I recalled: “Created in the image and likeness.

First Law of Spiritual Dynamics

In our material world, NOTHING can exist, maintaining its form and functionality without constantly RECEIVING SPIRITUAL ENERGY.

Where does this Spiritual Energy originate? What is its singular source, and how do we access and receive it?

Scientists are tirelessly pursuing its discovery, gradually advancing through strings and bosons…

Dear scientists and intellectuals, why not venture into constructing a new Metaphysics grounded in the Theory of Conscious Creation? Particularly considering that much has already been expounded upon!

Allow us to assist you and further this pursuit of truth right here.


The foundation and the beginning of our analysis.

Top level analysis here is sequential decomposition of the Subject from top to bottom. And the Subject is:

The Purpose of Creation. Meaning and Purpose of Human Life.



Description & Meaning


There is a Creator.

This is a postulate.
Meaning: Do not worry, you are not alone.


Man was Created.

I exist! Thank you! But further, let me be on my own...


Man is given the freedom of choice.

What shall we do about it?
Will we create or will we destroy?


The world around us was created as an arena where man can exercise his freedom of choice.

Only here man can do it.


By nature, man is selfish; he was Created as a RECEIVER, not a GIVER.

Studying: receiving what, when, why, from where - the source of receiving...


The process of Creation continues every moment of the present time.

Awakened, and it all started again. What does it mean for me? Hiding won't work! )) Action is required! And the question will constantly linger: 'Where are You?' - this is the eternal question of our existence: 'where do you stand in your growth, human? Are you rising or are you descending to an animal state?'


The absolute meaning and purpose of human life on Earth is to improve oneself and draw closer to the Creator through a conscious choice of Goodness (the Creator's attributes)."

Let’s term this the Fundamental Law of Spiritual Growth. It serves as the foundation for a healthy, joyful, and peaceful human life, as well as for the well-being of human civilization.

The Consequences of the Fundamental Law of Spiritual Growth


In this material world, a person can improve oneself and become similar to the Creator. A person can manifest themselves as the Creator only in relation to other people. Hence, the clear instruction in the Bible: ‘treat others… ‘ – this is the fundamental idea of the Bible and the essence of Creation; this is spirituality.


The success of human endeavors, regardless of the doctrines or societies one may devise, depends on their alignment with the Purpose of Creation, that is, with this Fundamental Spiritual Law.


Ignoring the Fundamental Spiritual Law and its consequences leads to degradation and collapse, both of the individual and of society. That’s why it’s a Law.

Fourth Consequence

To progress in life, one must diligently study His attributes.


Not everything is so bleak. Advanced scientists, usually in the twilight of their lives, having touched wisdom and eternity, typically impart the following:


Albert Einstein

“I experience only a sense of awe when I observe the laws of nature. There are no laws without a lawgiver.” “The harmony of natural law reveals an intelligence of such superiority that, compared with it, all systematic thinking and acting of human beings is an utterly insignificant reflection.” “The real problem is in the minds and thoughts of mankind. It is not a physical problem but an ethical problem. What frightens us is not the explosive force of the atomic bomb but the explosive force of the human heart, of human anger.”

Isaac Newton

“The wonderful arrangement and harmony of the cosmos can only be understood as the plan of an omniscient and almighty Creator. This is my first and last word.” But we know Isaac not because of this; we studied something completely different, specific, fragmented… And it was presented to us as universal, fundamental… A law!

Arthur Compton

“For me, Faith begins with the Knowledge that the Supreme Mind created the Universe and humankind. It’s not difficult for me to believe this because the fact of a plan and, consequently, of Mind is undeniable. The order in the Universe unfolding before our eyes itself testifies to the truth of the greatest and most sublime declaration: “In the beginning – God.

In the beginning – the Creator! It’s quite a good postulate/axiom. And a scientific approach stemming from it is harmonious and much more perfect than what we have now. One should commence their scientific ANALYSIS from here, if, of course, you are truly a scientist engaged in the pursuit of truth. The methodology is this: Faith begins with Knowledge.

Natalya Bekhtereva and Tatyana Chernigovskaya

They persistently claim, while studying the brain, that there is no memory in the brain… Boldly, oh so boldly! But going beyond this assertion is daunting because it would vehemently contradict their own paradigm – the materialistic philosophy, where “the brain is most likely a computer.”
However, the fact that knowledge is an objective entity and exists somewhere beyond the brain is impossible even to imagine. It would turn our entire Universe downside up, while we’ve grown accustomed to standing and creating on our heads, in which this incomprehensible brain resides.

Wolfgang Pauli

We must also acknowledge that in all paths of knowledge and liberation, there are factors beyond our control, described in religious terms as grace.”

It refers to the presence of the Creator that we are made to feel. If, of course, you want to deeply understand what is inherent to true, honest, and profound scientists. An example of such an experience is enlightenment. Those fortunate enough to feel it know what is being talked about. Have you ever experienced a creative burning or the happiness when your body feels detached from the earth? Oh well, you probably explain that closer to the pelvic area by biochemical processes, don’t you?… 😊

Dr. Robert Lanza

Robert Lanza wrote book “Biocentrism”: How Life and Consciousness Are the Keys to Understanding the True Nature of the Universe. He says in his book: “There is no physical Universe separate from life and consciousness. Nothing exists in reality outside of perception. There was never a time when an external, meaningless, physical (or material) universe existed, or when life formed randomly within it at some subsequent time. Space and time exist only as constructs of human consciousness.”

Here it is! We’ve reached the point! There is no material world at all without me! It’s so deep that only a creatively burning soul can grasp it…))

This means that within the infinite Spiritual World, the material universe remains insignificant as it was (against infinity, anything finite is a point). It is created for a specific purpose – to provide Creation, that is, Humanity, that is, me, the opportunity to act on my own discretion, freely choosing between good and evil. Therefore, the universe reveals its infinite forms only when I come to live here in this given body, with this character, in this family, and under these circumstances… But the main question remains – WHY? What is the purpose? And will the Truth be revealed to me if I comprehend this?!

And the winner is... Werner Heisenberg


“The first gulp from the glass of natural sciences will turn you into an atheist, but at the bottom of the glass God is waiting for you.”

I applaud these great scientists - thinkers who did not hesitate to look Truth in the eye. Standing ovation to them.

Conversation with a Materialist-Evolutionist

An intriguing conversation with a highly intelligent individual (with an IQ around 170) who believes in evolution. Pay attention to the word ‘BELIEVES’, as it best suits this situation.

“Why are white people white while black people have dark skin?” posed the question. And a very logical answer appeared evident: because, due to evolution, people living under intense sunlight developed an excess of skin pigmentation, while those living in the North did not undergo such changes, thus remaining white. Evolutionists explain this fact, and that’s what we were taught in school. Logical, right?

Here’s my question: What if an entire city of white people were moved to Africa, where they lived without intermingling with the local population? How long would it take for them to become black? The instant response from my interlocutor was, “NEVER.”

Where’s the logic there? How then does your universal law of evolution work? And if it’s “never,” what’s at play then?

Regarding the issue of a living cell mentioned earlier, without the coordinated operation of these four SPIRITUAL worlds, it simply cannot exist. First, the presence and action of these worlds, then a living cell.

A mechanistic approach to studying the cell is nothing more than a model. Misunderstanding and denial of this fact in our lives and in science leads to modern medicine, which is only concerned with the ‘body’ and medications for it… Mostly – universal painkiller (sarcastic :).

Well, we have what we have. Look at the statistics of disease management outcomes.

Positive mutation of humanity. A new type of DNA. Physics acknowledges the Super Mind – GOD. Aspects of the Unified Field of Consciousness. And so on.

I watch, listen, and understand where scientists tread and why it is naive. The base on which they build their theories is materialistic philosophy… Whereas it should be built from the Top down, not ‘synthesize God’.

In our approach, Spirituality, the Spiritual World is primary, and matter and humans within it are derivatives… Therefore, the beginning is not in DNA but in the First Cause – The Will (see above)… Therefore, everything looks like ‘incoherent mumbling’: ‘double helix DNA’ – they have already discovered the material-spiritual part – higher vibrations, and so on, a set of unrelated words and terms, an attempt to describe spiritual substances with materialistic scientific terms.

Nevertheless, this is positive, as through this specificity and deep understanding of individual fragments, one can come to the essence, if not otherwise possible or desired… However, materialistic philosophy, especially in cognition, is a blockage; you won’t get far with it… and it can easily confuse: ‘new man,’ ‘new ethnicity,’ ‘noosphere,’ ‘sixth race’… what kind of schemes are these? Am I part of this new race? And what if those who don’t belong to the sixth race are eliminated… and paradise automatically reigns on Earth???!!! – well, just theoretically, as in the old days… in the 20th century, they with such creasy ideas really tried to implement this massively, if you remember.

Without understanding the fundamental starting point – the paradigm, it turns into tangled wisdom or studying particulars. In short, one needs to understand the basic philosophy, otherwise, it’s like being in a cage – restless.

If we were guided by Divine Philosophy, there would be no need to cling to ‘quantum theories’ to find and prove His existence and His actions. Oh, ‘Higgs boson – God’s building block’… ‘And God took the Higgs boson and asked Higgs (or boson?)’ )).

Dear scientists, who have devoted their whole lives to dissertations and titles, please answer, if God exists (it seems you have already reached this fact and at least do not deny it and even use it in your arguments), then there must exist and act Divine Philosophy – the Philosophy of Creation and Knowledge.

Do you know it? Such a simple question… A honest scientist should answer it. ‘There are no laws without a lawgiver’, or is Einstein not a scientist to you?))



But perhaps you don’t have the time for that

Then, forgive me, I don’t and cannot trust you! You tend to focus on inventions, on fragmentation, on particulars, on symptoms, on fantasies. You’re preoccupied, as Grigory Skovoroda said, with “art, physical magic, and superstitions,” filling all the space of our lives with fragmentariness. By the way, including your beloved cosmos (completely littered with fragments), while the Earth is surrounded by filth. 

And your process of cognition is based solely on synthesis: see one brick, put it on another – and there’s your house! An apple fell – behold mechanics – the universal science. Time, mass, velocity, energy, and the unassailable universality of mechanics are naturally replaced by the relative… )) You delved into particles – here comes quantum mechanics, then strings and bosons appear – and soon we’ll dig up the truth…

But, my dear ones, it’s not there!

Wishing you a good mood, a smile, clarity of thought, and enlightenment with inspiration will come to you... from above!
Let's continue our spiritual growth.


“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do” – Steve Jobs

On the Development of Free Human Philosophical Thought

The history of philosophical thought, liberated from the Creator, is being analyzed. The logical progression and outcome result in our modern civilization. More details on the Laws of Spiritual Dynamics and attempt to construct a ‘Society of the Future’.

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