Members of the CTW-Ecosystem community can receive rewards and benefits by actively participating in various activities, whether it be through their time, energy, or financial investments.

A portion of the net profit generated from all types of activities will be allocated to a social fund, dedicated to supporting those who actively contribute to the development of the CTW-Ecosystem.

Each participant is considered a partner and is not only motivated by personal income but also driven by the desire to expand the social benefits of the CTW-Ecosystem, ultimately contributing to the overall success of the Initiative.

There are 5 types of Benefits

  • Reward for activity in CTW-Ecosystem
  • Reward from investments
  • Social benefits
  • Credit Cards
  • CTW-Instructors Certificates

Rewards for Activity in CTW-Ecosystem

CTW-Ecosystem offers rewards for active participation, creating an incentive for community members to engage and contribute.

Each member of the CTW-Society within the CTW-Ecosystem possesses a crypto-currency account called CTW-Wallet. All types of rewards are automatically deposited into the Wallet in the form of CTW-Tokens.

Registration Bonus

Upon registration, a personal account (electronic wallet) is opened, which includes a welcome bonus of 2,000 CTW-tokens. With a nominal exchange rate of CTW-token = $0.02, the value of the welcome bonus amounts to $40.

Intro-Course: "Personal Growth - Improving the World"

After registration, the individual pays $150 for the introductory course. Upon completion of the course, the individual becomes a partner, and a ‘new partner welcome’ bonus of 8,000 CTWt ($160) is deposited into their wallet. As a result, the wallet balance totals 10,000 CTWt, equivalent to $200.

Personal Project Completion in CTW-Production

In CTW-Production, individuals have the opportunity to launch and implement their own projects. These projects can encompass various creative endeavors, such as video stories for children, animations, or any other initiatives supported and embraced by the community. Notably, upon successful completion of a project, individuals may be rewarded with 40,000 CTWt tokens as an example of recognition and appreciation.

The following deposits are made to the account of a community member over the course of two years of activity within the CTW-Ecosystem.
Amounts are given as an example. The value can be more or less depending on many factors: activity, total profit, etc.:

Power Of Stake

Periodic credits are proportionate to the account size and the duration of funds storage by a CTW-Society member.

Profit Distribution

Twice a year, a portion of the net profit generated from commercial projects implemented in CTW-Production is distributed among participants based on their respective shares in the CTW-Foundation Common Fund.

Bonus for Activity

Activity levels within the CTW-Ecosystem are evaluated and rewarded. Engaging in various actions such as opening and managing personal projects, participating in other community members’ projects, inviting individuals to join our community, and contributing written content related to the Initiative and its activities all carry their own rating and value in the CTW-Ecosystem.

Rewards for Significant Actions

Significant actions within the CTW-Ecosystem are recognized and rewarded. This includes payments for various contributions such as notes, opinions, life examples, ideas, suggestions, as well as support for community-favorite projects and more. Each specific personal action is automatically evaluated through blockchain technology and credited to the individual’s personal account, reflecting its respective value.

Being with Us Bonus

The Being with Us Bonus is an annual reward accrued to members of the CTW-Society for their ongoing membership and support of the community. While the exact amount may vary, an approximate estimation for two years:

After two years, a total of 127,500 CTWt tokens has been accumulated in the account (CTW-Wallet).

And how much is it in dollars?

If the rate of CTWt has increased from a nominal $0.02 to $0.65 (a 32.5-fold increase) then the balance in your wallet would amount to $82,875

Just imagine how your wallet would look with a potential CTWt rate of $2.0

Examples of Investments During the Pre-launch Phase

Small-size Investment

An investor acquired CTW Token in the amount of $10,000 at the beginning of the Global Crowdfunding Campaign at the nominal price $0.02

As the ecosystem expands, the Token rate on the exchange has the potential to undergo a substantial change, exemplified by a shift from $0.02 to $0.65 (a 32.5-fold increase).

With such a rise in the Token rate, the account’s capitalization is poised to reach $325,000.

Large Investment

If the Strategic Investor invests $5,000,000 during the prelaunch stage of the global crowdfunding campaign, the Strategic Investor will be entitled to receive a total of 333,000,000 CTW Tokens, including a 25% prelaunch bonus.

The Token rate on the market has risen from $0.02 to $0.1

A mere 5-fold increase in the Token rate on the market, rising from $0.02 to $0.1, would result in a capital sum exceeding $216 million for our strategic investor.

Social Benefits

The CTW-Ecosystem aims to form and maintain the Social Benefits Fund for members of the CTW-Society community.

What sets this approach apart is that none of the contributions made by CTW-Society members and partners in the CTW-Ecosystem are used for funds administration. Furthermore, the social benefits fund is continually replenished from the profits generated by the activities of the CTW-Ecosystem. Every community member is not only a participant but also a partner, making them eligible to receive social benefits.

Pension Fund

A member of the CTW-Ecosystem can form a private old-age savings fund - a pension fund.

Life Insurance

Life and disability insurance. You can accumulate as much as you want here. For example, $ 100,000 by contributing only a fraction ...

Education Fund

This is the accumulation of a fund for the education of your children (for example, you contribute $ 1,000 - you get an additional: POS * Ed (at least $ 300) + 8% per year)

Health Fund

Medical insurance; Drug coverage; Dental; Prevention

Credit Card for CTW-Society Members

Once a member of the CTW-Society and partner in the CTW-Ecosystem reaches a certain level of funds in their account, they have the option to utilize a specialized CTW Credit Card.

Certificates of CTW-Instructors

When a member of the CTW-Society completes their study and creates their own program titled “SocioCultural Development of Individual and Society,” they achieve Level 4 status and are granted the Certificate of CTW-Instructor.

CTW-Instructor Silver receives 100% of the standard reward from Instructors’ fund.

CTW-Instructor Gold receives 150% of the standard reward from Instructors’ fund.

CTW-Instructor Platinum receives 200% of the standard reward from Instructors’ fund.

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