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Absolutely. Each member of our community can gain knowledge and take an active part in many areas at once. You are not only a full member of the community with a real voice, you are a partner, you not only gain knowledge, but you can also influence in decision-making, control the community’s activities in CTW-Ecosystem and act in accordance with your interests.

After a person has registered, an account is opened for him – this is CTW-Wallet.

A person takes the first course ‘Personal Growth – Improving the World’, which reveals all the nuances of both the project itself and possible areas of participation.

After completing the course, a person becomes a full member of the Community – CTW-Society, a member is credited with the initial amount and will be able participate in the development of CTW-Ecosystem.

You can find more details in the section Main Directions and Areas of Activity, starting with the Foundation. Each of the areas contains the main stages of development.

The main direction – Socio-Cultural Development.

Main topic – relationship to other people.

If the project matches, then it receives support from community, crowdfunding and from CTW-Foundation.

If it does not match, then the project initiator acts in a free-market mode (he has contributed his own funds and attracts investment partners).

The basic course “Personal Growth – Improving the World” is designed so that a person can get into the course of business, find his place in it and plan his activities. This course is mandatory for those who want to grow in the Initiative and develop the project itself.

However, a person can remain a passive observer, for example, a passive investor.
Please see the page about rewards, profit on investments and benefits of a member of the Community:

In general, the investor expects the development of the project and the increase in the cost of CTW-token.

Absolutely. However, each member of our community has a wallet (account) into which our freely convertible currency CTW-Token (CTWt) is automatically credited for everything that a person does inside the CTW-Ecosystem. The account holder decides what to do with his funds. You can donate it if you wish.

We work directly with teachers – those people who wanted to master and build their own personal program “Socio-Cultural Development”, who became members of our community, rose to the fourth – highest level in the CTW-Society and obtain the title of CTW-Instructor. If an educational institution, whether it be a school, a kindergarten or a university, supports such teachers and at least N CTW-Instructors in a given educational institution, a special account will be opened for the educational institution in the CTW-Foundation.

The impact will appear naturally. We will proceed from the fact that we propose the necessary business for society, parents, students, and teachers. If this already somehow works in Finland, why shouldn’t it work for us?

Yes, I am sure about it! As a minimum, the future path will be clear, like-minded people will be around, hope and confidence in difficult life circumstances will appear.

Sources of income:
– Global crowdfunding;
– Creation and sale of an innovative educational product;
– Membership fee;
– Constant crowdfunding to support creative groups;
– Most of the net profit from the operation of our own automated trading system.

We plan to attract a large capital of investors who are interested both in promoting a socially significant project in the field of education and in making a profit. In our Initiative, they get both sides of this coin.

We will discuss this in more detail during the “Personal Growth – Improving the World” course. Personal growth also includes the welfare of all participants.

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