In our community, we are improving our attitude towards other people, towards ourselves and our bodies.
We determine the true causes of diseases and methods for their systemic elimination.
Together we create the Center of Harmony.

CTW-Ecosystem for Health Improvement

Combination of the Core Areas of our Activity


We want to be healthy as long as possible. We want to recover if the disease comes.


Understanding what causes the disease. Knowledge of how to prevent a possible disease.

Positive Feeling

Positive thinking and positive feelings are the main components of a healthy mind and body.

Center of Harmony

Special health centers where our doctors and healers will work – CTW-Instructor/Doc.

"Personal Growth - Improving the World"

This introductory course offers fundamental knowledge on enhancing our lives and provides an understanding of the CTW-Initiative, along with exploring your opportunities within the CTW-Ecosystem.

'Health' Development in CTW-Ecosystem

Courses Related to 'Foundation'

Level 1

Course "Personal Growth - Improving the World"

Mandatory at the Level 1 in the CTW-Society. This course is the base for all other training materials in the CTW-Ecosystem.

Level 2

Course "Fundamental Immersion"

The continuation and development of the ‘Personal Growth – Improving the World’. Description and elaboration of life examples in each of the areas – spheres of life. As a practical result – achieving positive changes in life.

Level 3

Course "Building Own Foundation"

Building your own edu-program “Socio-Cultural Development of Individual and Society”. Deep comprehension of fundamental laws and their actions in human life.

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